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Why are Vietnamese Women Popular To Western Men

The primary reason that Vietnamese women are too popular to Western men is because they are lovely. Vietnamese women are very attractive physically. They are feminine and petite with beautiful eyes. A single Vietnamese woman is polite and gentle. She respects other people and knows how to treat to other people. In Vietnam, most of women have been trained carefully from their parents when they were young. The parents teach their daughters how to cook, to clean, and to study. They also teach their daughters how to treat and respect to other people. When Vietnamese women come to another country, they always remember these beautiful characteristics that they have learned from their parents.

Vietnamese girl
Vietnamese girl

The good manners and respect for others are very important to Vietnamese ladies. A Vietnamese girl places high value on relationship and marriage. According to Vietnamese culture, the marriage between a man and a woman is a long-term commitment. A marriage is the very important institution for Vietnamese women so they take it very seriously. A marriage is a lifetime commitment so they put high value in it. When women in Vietnam come to America or other Western countries, they still apply the traditional custom in their family. Even though a Vietnamese woman gets married with an American man, she uses both traditional and new way to teach her children. So, the children will learn both ways.

A Western man is lucky when he gets married with a Vietnamese lady. In other words, he is lucky to have a beautiful Vietnamese wife who respects him, supports him, and treats him with respect and responsiveness. She takes good care for the house and keeps it clean. She cooks daily meals. She runs all errands at home. Who don’t want to get married with a Vietnamese lady? You can watch the TV shows while your wife cooks dinner. She can take good care of your children. Why does she do all these errands in the house? Vietnamese women have been trained from their parents to do this when they were still young. They are very good at this work in the house. They are perfect housekeepers.

Vietnamese American girls who live in the United States are strong and powerful than local Vietnam women in Saigon or Hanoi, Vietnam. As you know, in 1978 to 1982, there were thousands of Vietnamese people escaped from Vietnam to come to America by boat. We called them as “boat people”. These people came to another completely new countries to live such as USA, Canada, France, Australia, Italy, and others. America is the one that has the most crowded Viet boat people. They were first located in Orange county, California since this state is warm. They decided to choose this US state as their second home. Nowadays, there is a big Vietnamese community there and they established another Saigon over there.

Young Vietnamese American girls have learned from the Western education. They learn from American schools and learn from American culture. The equality between men and women in this country helps Vietnamese women to stay strong and powerful as their men. They can take care of themselves as well as their children without their husbands. Some Vietnam women got a divorce and raised their children by themselves. They are very strong in this country and they stay powerful like that to raise their young children. On my neighborhood, there is one small Vietnamese lady with two children who live in a Townhouse next to me, every morning, she took her children to school, then she goes to work. She pick up her children home in the afternoon. She is a divorced Viet woman.

Vietnam women are strong because they follow the American lifestyles. Every American woman do the same in here. The main reason that Vietnamese American girls can take care of themselves and their children after a divorce is because of their good jobs. This American country provides a lot of good opportunities for people so that they can take care of themselves. Job is the most important factor that helps Viet girls to be able to take care of their family. In Vietnam, it is too hard to find a job there. So, local Vietnam ladies must be dependent on their husbands. Anyway, Viet women in USA work hard, stay strong to take care of their family and children. They are not dependent on their Vietnamese men.

Vietnamese girls in America are beautiful and sexy. The weather in this country is not too hot so people can keep their skin pretty. The lifestyle of people are high so that they can live on a good condition. For example, Vietnamese people can turn on their air conditioner all day in this country so that they can live on a healthy environment. They are beautiful not only from the outlook, but also from the inside. Viet women in USA respect their family and the elders. They respect their husbands. So, when you talk with a Vietnamese woman, you can see who pretty she is. Vietnam girls are shy at first and they hide their feelings in front of their first-time daters. When you win her heart, you will have a lifetime Vietnamese mate.

Where do you go to meet Vietnamese women? You can go to Vietnamese supermarkets, clubs, and social services to meet them. The best place to meet a single Vietnamese woman must be from online dating service. There are thousands of beautiful single Vietnamese girls online you can meet with. They are free and available for a relationship. You can search for local girls in your area. You can also search for international Vietnamese women who live in Italy, Australia, Canada, USA, and others. You can search wherever you want to meet a Vietnamese lady. Seeking for love and romance online at Vietnamese dating sites is simple and easy. You can find your date on the Internet. Take action today to find your soul mate.


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  • Rene ng

    I think Obviously, a hard-working Vietnamese woman is always “favored” by men than lazy women.

    Hard work here is not just insistently doing everything of others, husband and children … to be recognized. Please understand more openly that a woman who does not pay much attention to work, but does everything scientifically, knows how to share the work properly with everyone, she is a smart woman.

    It is a man’s honor to “contribute” to helping women. Therefore, there is no gentleman who wants a woman to only work as an “unpaid slave”, embrace all of her work and then have no time to care for herself.

    3. Thoughtful and careful

    Hard work is a virtue, but with the virtue of hard work it must be thoughtful and careful. Only then can the job be done with high efficiency.

    Just by looking at areas, personal belongings or a woman’s work history, a man can tell who she is: careful, thoughtful or careless …

    And the man appreciates thoughtful, careful women because they believe they will be caring wives and mothers who take care of their families.

    The standard qualities make a Vietnamese woman perfect in the eyes of men.

    For reference:

  • Vietnam dating in the US

    This is true. Foreign men love Vietnamese women because of some reasons. Most of the time when asked what Western husbands love the most about their wives, they will answer that they are gentle, thoughtful, and take care of their family … In this culture of the East, Western men are still willing to help their wives with housework.

    Today’s Western women have become very independent and strong, they always prove to be no less inferior to men in any field. Perhaps that is why men feel pressured easily. This does not mean that Asian women are not independent or strong, Eastern girls are still very talented and excellent in many areas of life, thus increasing their attention and love of the foreign boys.

  • Jessica

    I think this article is 80% correct. To talk about Vietnamese women beauty. It is up to the foreign men’s views. Western people’s views on beauty are based on more individualized thoughts than imposed on the community. Many people like women with dark skin, small noses, small eyes, small breasts, large breasts, large bones and in maturity.

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