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    Retire in Vietnam? Is it worth the money for Retirees?

    Living in Vietnam, if you have money, you can hire servants to cook, clean and take care of you. Life in Vietnam is relatively simple and comfortable. The cost of living in Vietnam is also lower than living in the US. Food that suits the taste, is lush, and the cost of living is cheaper than in America. You can enjoy the warm weather, friendly Vietnamese people, and so on. Yet the problem is not so simple. If you retire in Vietnam for the reason that costs are lower than in the US, Canada or Australia, then you should reconsider. Most Western people decide to retire overseas because they want…

  • Vietnam dating site
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    My Vietnamese American boyfriend calls me late

    In the rainy season, it rains from morning to night, and it is cloudy with a cold air. Living alone, sleeping alone, burying in a blanket, listening to the sound of rain dropping on the metal roof making people feel even more sad. Suddenly the phone rang, stroked once, the woman looked at her watch, it was already 23 o’clock, why are you calling this time? Vietnamese American boyfriends calls their girlfriends in Vietnam late Hello! The woman asked. On the other side of the phone, a warm, gentle sound poured into the ear, it was the voice of a man who called her: Have you slept yet? Are you…

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