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Vietnam women are pretty and sexy. I have to give my compliment to the Vietnam women who live in America. I am not an Asian guy but a Western guy so I know how pretty Vietnamese girls are. I have been dating with a beautiful Vietnam woman who lives in Orange county, California, USA. She is just perfect. We have been dating for over six months but we never have sex together. You believe it or not but this is the whole truth about our relationship. However, since we go out to have fun and do not have sex, I like it this way. I really enjoy this traditional dating custom that our relationship is on. Never have sex before marriage is the best custom that I have seen so far. After we say good-bye and kiss with each other at every date we go out, we always miss each other.

Our relationship started at the time I went to Little Saigon, at one Vietnamese restaurant, I saw some beautiful Vietnamese girls walking with their long dress. I love Viet women right away. I have never seen any other girls who wear a long dress before. This is the first time I see Vietnamese ladies wear long dress. They are like angels flying on the sky. So, I love Viet girls but do not know how to find Vietnamese women. My Vietnam friends told me to visit Viet single dating site to find them there. So, I visit Vietnamese dating service by creating a profile. After about a few weeks, I have found this beautiful Vietnam woman and we go from there. Dating with her I feel like a lucky single man who receives the love from her.

Asian woman in Ho Chi Minh city

VietSingle dating website is to connect single women and men with each other. Thousands of nice singles join daily to find their soul mates. If you can drive to Little Saigon one time and look at these beautiful Vietnam girls with their long dress, then, you know what I have been speaking of. I had dated with Western girls in America but none can compare to Viet girls. Vietnam women are soft and sweet. This is the best part I love about Vietnam girls. I will not marry a Western lady anymore after I date a Viet girl. I am telling you the truth about how I feel about Vietnamese girls. If you like to have a skinny, soft, and sweet lady, then you should go for Vietnam ladies. They are just the best girls on the world to date with.

Viet girls are not tall as Western girls. They are about 5 feet 4. My girlfriend comes up to my shoulder and I like a girl like this. When she wears a high heeel, she may come up to my upper ear. Most of Viet women are not too tall. Anyway, VietSinglecom dating site is the best place to find your beautiful Vietnamese woman to date and marry with. You will be the lucky single man to date a Viet lady. Viet dating sites are the means for you to find your half. Both Vietnam women, Viet men, Western guys, can join these dating services to find each other online. Either a woman or man can initiate a first message. There is nothing to wait any longer because you should not be single, find your soul mate today for free.


  • Marc

    Why are western guys loving Vietnamese women that much? The key point that creates the attraction of Vietnamese girls, according to some foreigners with Vietnamese wives, lies in “public – content – language – happiness”. As revealed by many Vietnamese ladies whose lover is a foreigner said that Westerners “respect” that Vietnamese women are very good at cooking and keep their own “lines”. “They say that when looking at Vietnamese girls, it feels normal, because Western women where they live are already living, if they have“ played ”, much more than Vietnamese. Therefore, choosing Vietnamese women, they appreciate their intelligence and care for their families ”. That’s what I think.

    Foreign guys said Vietnamese women make a difference in that they take care of their men and their families very well and whole. Asian women inherently attach great importance to tradition and this meets the traditional Western conception. Most Asian wives are still very traditional, although more modern and more liberal. In them, they still retain the inherent traditional features.

  • Viet singles

    Vietnamesingle “tim ban bon phuong” service is great because thousands of Viet girls and boys as well as women or men get knows together. They are not afraid to come together for friendship and relationship. Even, some Vietnam single women who live far away from Saigon or Hanoi, they still make friends with Vietnamese American people or “Viet Kieu My”.

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