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The beauty of Vietnamese girls in the eye of foreigners

In recent years, there thousands or even millions of relationships and marriage between Vietnamese girls and foreign men. How foreign or Western men look at these Vietnamese girls and how they eye the beauty of Vietnamese women in terms of dating and marriage which will be listed in this article.

Vietnamese women in the eye of foreign men

In recent years, we often see Western Vietnamese lovers walking on the street, hand in hand making everyone look back, they are Vietnamese ladies Western guys. The tall guy with beautiful romantic blonde hair, like in a fairy tale, is walking next to a small Vietnamese girl with black and yellow hair. When we asked: why do you guys love Vietnamese girls, they answered: Vietnamese girls are all beautiful, small and not fat like the girls I often see in Western countries. In particular, when they laugh, that are friendly and the way they talk like singing voices.

Jose M continued: “I like that sincerity and closeness of these women, whereas in our Western country, men have to know how to gossip and take care of their girlfriends and they must know how to make them happy. And the girls in Vietnam always bring us a sense of comfort. Women here know how to take care of their boyfriends, they have a rich imagination and always inspire long fun. For us, men who are just too great of a need for a married life”.

Single woman in Vietnam

Therefore, Vietnamese women are the first choice for some Western men who like to explore strange feelings. Most Vietnamese men prefer physical beauty, Western men prefer spiritual beauty. Vietnamese girls are not as dazzlingly beautiful as Western ladies, but they still have a strange charm with hidden beauty from their rustic smile, gentle and gentle gait, care and attachment.

More and more men from countries such as America, Canada, Australia, France, Italy, England and so on come to Vietnam to work and marry Vietnamese girls, they are completely satisfied with their current life. I also wrote an article about tips to conquer Vietnamese women for marriage.

I asked an English teacher who lives and works in Vietnam, now he has a wife and 2 children, the reason why he chose Vietnam as the place to stop here.

He said:

I love to see how to take care of a Vietnamese woman’s family. They bound me by saying: “What do you like to eat, you go out and remember and they wait for me. For other men I don’t know, but for me it is happiness, which makes a lot of sense. She divided the chores around the house and made me send my kids to school every morning, reminding me of everything. Especially when we have some misunderstandings, she always tries to overcome it, not giving up easily. This is completely different from Western women, when in conflict, they easily break up, they do not want to fix. The ladies in the West do not want to have children, falling in love and going to bed is easy but getting married and children? They may be going to refuse.

Meanwhile, Vietnamese women like to talk about marriage and children. They are willing to give birth to men and to give up everything to do a good job of raising children and taking care of their husbands. This is a highlight for Vietnamese women.

Currently, some Asian women are afraid to have children such as: Korea, Japan, Singapore …. Because they are afraid of not having time to take care of their children. So the issue of aging population is increasingly different from each other, especially in Japan. Japanese women only know work, they always want to prove that they are no less competitive in any field compared to men. In the race of money, fame, accidentally put great pressure on marriage and family, making the women in Japan afraid of marriage, of giving birth and especially of losing. job. There are many mothers who have no jobs after giving birth, especially in Korea, Japan …

So if you are someone who likes to have serious married life and children, you want to get a perfect relationship and marriage love beside her, Vietnamese women are the sweetest and most accurate choice.

Good luck gentlemen!

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  • Lisa Nhung

    I have to admit that Vietnamese women are great in the eye of Western men or foreign guys. There is a proverb saying that the husband and wife are happy and enjoyful in life, they live longer. If you are husband and wife, are a family member, and have a common goal, your family will develop better and better.

    Looking out, you will see that many successful men treat their wives well. They are not afraid of their wives, on the contrary they respect their wives very much, because they know that the family that wants to get along is indispensable for the wife’s existence.

    I am single Vietnamese lady hiiii.

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