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How Vietnamese Women View Western Men & Vietnamese Men

Eastern and Western cultures are inherently different, so the love style of Western men with Asian women, especially Vietnamese women are also different.

My name is Kim. I am a Vietnamese woman who live in the US of America. I am using the terms women, girls and ladies interchangeably because of unmarried Vietnamese women like to be called “girl” in stead of “woman” or “lady”.

Currently, it is quite common for Vietnamese girls to meet, get to know and love foreign men. Most girls love Western men only to love and marry Western men. Not that Western men are more handsome and have more money, they have other reasons.

In your opinion, what is the difference in love for Western men and Asian men?

The common denominator of men around the world is that when they love someone, they love with all their heart. The common denominator is that every man in any direction has some kind of fang, two-handed or even multi-handed. However, the difference between them is the way they behave in different love life situations, which are influenced by their environment, customs and educational background.

Vietnamese woman Western man
Vietnamese woman Western man

Common concepts:

Vietnamese men have always been the backbone of the family. How much income is given to his wife to manage. Vietnamese men value the confidentiality, tenderness, and are good at female servants and do the housework of the woman they love. They also enjoy being submissive to their women. Some Asian men have a little bit of patriarchy, a little dignity. In appearance: most Vietnamese men are not tall, big, muscular and supple. Most of the face profiles of Vietnamese men are not as sharp as Western men. I often joke that handsome guys, if they do not have a girlfriend, are also the type that makes it difficult to match their eyes.

Foreign men or Western specific men: open-minded, very respectful of the woman’s point of view. They are willing to share the burden of housework with women, while for Vietnamese men or Asian men, housework is automatically the women’s job. Western men are not too fervent about their women being sexy or revealing. They also act very aggressively from small things to make their women happy. In terms of appearance, due to genetic factors, Western men are always known for being tall, strong, supple, and especially his face that features a high nose bridge and deep double eyelids. Western men seem more important to their appearance than Vietnamese men (for example, they prefer to exercise and dress better).

On the issue of love fees, I treat them equally. It is true that Western men earn better than Asian men, but they also cost more. What is important is how each person’s money is spent. The way a man spends his money shows their human worth (it is not good to just splash money, but men should not be too much to measure).

No matter what a man is, when they truly love, they all respect their girlfriends

Things you may not know:

Men like this are everywhere. Not all Western men are taller and more muscular by default than Vietnamese men. It is not without examples that Western men are dressed in scandals that lack proper care. Not all Western men earn better than Vietnamese men, especially the problem of education is not proportional to the level of income they have. Western men still have many patriarchal and conservative guys who only know to protect their personal opinion. To meet the man of my life is indeed difficult, or at least not easy.

Not that I’m too strict. But finding the right person in love and marriage is largely based on each person’s background, education level, way of thinking, and point of view: those things must be similar. However, if we are too perfectionist, it is also difficult, but we love it so it is not true. Well, love and marriage depend on a predestined word and a word of debt.

Vietnamese mussels are being “drowned” in front of Western men

Currently, in Vietnam, there is a tendency to “drown” Vietnamese men too much, paint pink pictures of foreign men, easily leading to unnecessary or even dangerous delusions.

I myself am a neutral person. I’ve had both good and bad experiences with both Vietnamese men, Asian men in general and Westerners.

Over the past 3 years, I have known and made friends with quite a few men from many different cultures because they often travel alone (that is, the subject is often / is noticed by men) and works.

I have met quite a few rude, rude Western men, and quite a few gentlemen, likable (and vice versa). Vietnamese women want to marry Western men or even Vietnamese men who live in the West, I find it easy to understand and good, but they should not be delusional or overly admired. Western or Vietnamese are also human, but people are mostly selfish and full of bad habits.

Vietnamese woman Foreign man wedding
Vietnamese woman Foreign man wedding

If you encounter a bad person, take it as a matter of fact, don’t be tragic. If you meet good people, do not rush to conclude that everyone is the same but respect, because good people, gentle people – that is, “gentlemen” – are really rare to find in this era. . Please simplify my comparison as follows:

1. Equality

Foreign men are often praised for being hard-working, sharing housework with their wives. Compared to Vietnamese men at this point, of course Western men are generally better, but remember they do so because they have a deep in thought of equality: independence and non-reliance.

They leave their parents’ house to become independent early, so things like cleaning, washing dishes, cooking for them are normal and sharing housework with their partners is natural. But that same ideology also leads to certain consequences below.

2. Western men are too equal sometimes

The equality of many Western men is not only revealed in the kitchen, but also manifested in the restaurant. If in many Asian countries, it is obvious for men to pay women (provided that it is only two cups of coffee, two people meet separately for the first time, the man actively invites them to eat lunch and meals). I don’t consider it at night because it depends on the case).

I have met Westerners who have no intention of opening a wallet in the meeting because they actively proposed with the reason of asking or getting to know me. Their catchphrase with the waiter is: “Can we pay separately or not?”. When I heard that saying, which happened not just once, I really just wanted to pass out, wondering a big question in my mind: “Really”.

But anyway, I’m still a girl. Therefore, I suppose, if a man is truly a gentleman, when they want to ask for help or get to know me (romantically), they will offer to pay, at least for a cup of coffee. Coffee in the first private meeting. It does not show that they are in a higher position than me, much less that they think I can not afford to pay, but just like a message: “Thank you for the effort to come here and spend time with you “. That’s all.

3. Western men can be equal enough to be cold

When an Asian man “seduces” you, because Eastern ideology is soaked in his blood, he will often feel responsible for you. Because in his eyes you “sacrificed”, “dedicated” to him, he feels

Western men are not. Even if he spends the night with the same girl (while the two are not yet an official lover), if there is no love, he will have no responsibility. In his eyes, the two enjoyed it, no one was indebted to each other. After having fun, goodbye. There is no tomorrow.

Of course, if he loves you then it is another matter, he will continue to be with you and possibly even behave even sweeter. But that wasn’t because he felt a sense of responsibility, but because he really wanted to.

This equality, depending on the eyes of each person, can be good or bad. I am free to comment.

4. Western men are constantly looking for opportunities to be as close to women as possible of this word

Men… too (they are men) but often more patient.

This is where I often become more wary of Western men. I understand very well the meaning of sentences like “Tonight, do you want to come over to my house”, “Come over to my place to play”, even “Let me cook for you today”. Of course, I no longer live in the Middle Ages and am not allergic to men or women being close to each other. But the man who just knows me makes the above suggestions, that means there won’t be a second meeting.

Western men who love you are still with you not only for the “need” reason and Western men who are delicate, genuinely interested in you will also be more cautious in this regard.

5. Western men are frank, more honest than Asian men, sometimes frighteningly honest

Western men only know girls for fun, often revealing their nature quite early. Sometimes they are even intentionally revealing their nature. They invite you to celebrate with them, but they also clearly expressed: “We’re just having fun today.” If you are looking for a serious relationship, do not expect anything from them.

What is the final conclusion?

Both Western and Vietnamese men are some good and some bad. Do not believe them easily, do not love them easily, and you should not worship them, no matter where they come from.

If you’re a Vietnamese woman looking for a Western man for dating and marriage, then you must look at their personality, not physical appearance.


  • Jenni P.

    I think it is very normal to think that getting married to a Western husband is to help themselves have a better life. Their average income, even at the average level, is also counted as dominant compared to the income level in Vietnam. Life in developed countries with medical and social welfare conditions are well taken care of. Not to mention infrastructure, or clean environment, are also significant things to come. So that thought was deeply ingrained. Even if our relatives have foreign husbands, Americans, we feel like we will benefit from them. General psychology, no blame.

    Second, the majority of modern women are liberal and independent.

    Liberalization is not easy. Independence is not separate. Modern woman appreciates the ego, the self-worth. This is a striking and distinct part of Western and Eastern cultures. Western men are independent from the start of legal responsibility. And that makes it easy for independent women to find common ground and “stick to hearing” from these guys without knowing it.

  • jessica le

    Getting married is a lifelong affair. Whether getting married to a Western or a Vietnamese husband, Vietnamese women only want happiness. Society is developing day by day, and the Vietnamese people consider the story of getting married to Western people. Vietnam Women now participate more actively in social activities, so they have many opportunities to make friends both the West and us. Therefore, it is not strange that more and more women get married to Western men.

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