Single Vietnam Women & Girls in USA Seeking Men at Vietnamese Dating Site

Vietnamese girls
Vietnamese girls

Single Vietnam women in USA are lovely and pretty, beautiful and sexy. If you are looking for a Vietnamese woman to be your girlfriend or wife, then you may look for her at online dating services. There are thousands of single Vietnam women who register their personal ads online to look for boyfriends and husbands locally. You may seek for them anywhere in your area. For example, if you live in California, then you can find Viet girls in this US state.

Most Vietnamese women have been living in the United States of America for a long time. Some of them have been born in this country who don’t even speak their mother Vietnamese language. Their parents migrated to America by political refugees or boat. Even though they have been living in the US for long time, they still keep traditional custom values which is family oriented and being submissive to their husband. They have been taught since the youth age to be a good girl and good wife. If you are seeking a Vietnamese wife, then you should take action now. They are the best wife in the Southeast Asia.

Vietnamese dating site is the bridge that you can meet these stunning girls in Viet Nam or in the West. Sign up a profile to meet your soul mate. Many of single Vietnamese women are waiting to meet you here.

Vietnamese dating site

Thuypretty1990, 19900409, My Tho Ti?n Giang, Mi?n Tây, Vietnamjennynguyen28, 19960502, Dallas, Texas, United States
khuong38, 19820404, Binh Duong, Mi?n Nam, Vietnamthuhongxinh, 19840403, Buôn Ma Thu?t, Mi?n Trung, Vietnam
Giang1110, 19931011, Bac Lieu, Mi?n Tây, VietnamhelenTN, 19911111, Chicago, Illinois, United States
Vietnamese women

There are many Vietnamese dating sites that you can register with. Of course, many western men have met Viet women online too. So, it does not matter whether you’re Viet men or western men, you can register online to find women.

What you need on your personal ad is a picture or two to attract it. A profile is the most important tool that you can use to find Viet ladies. You can search for other Viet guys to learn about how they created their personals ads. Viet girls are looking for honest relationships, so you must be serious about who you are looking for.

You should also choose the best Vietnam dating sites to register your profile with. If you are looking for a life-term relationship, then you should try VietSingleCom dating site because this website has serious members only. They are looking for serious relationships online, no players here on this Vietnamese dating service (tim ban Vietnam online).

Vietnam women are popular these days. They always maintain their traditional customs even they live in USA, Canada, Australia, Italy, and others. They are very faithful in love and marriage. A Viet lady respects her husband and treats him in a good manner. She lets him lead the family and she handles all house cores. Vietnam dating site in US will hook you up with a pretty Vietnamese lady.

So, Vietnamese girls are sweet to their men and respectful to their husbands side. What are you waiting for? Being single is not fun, you should take action to find your other half today.


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  1. i am a nice man to be with, i wish to find a vietnam lady who lives in US.
    contact me on wechat if you are interested in knowing me.
    wechat id. wwe223ee5

  2. I admitted that Vietnamese women in the US are excellent and stunning. There are studies showing that Western men are more likely to fall in love with Asian women. It can be seen on the streets of Vietnam, a western guy goes with a Vietnamese girl, she may or may not be pretty but they are both very happy and the girl is always taken care of by the guy. The phenomenon of white men being attracted and sometimes even haunted by Asian women also has its own term called “golden fever”.

    “If I choose, I will marry Vietnamese women. They are prettier, friendly. They do less plastic surgery, do not cheat tourists or foreigners like in other places ”. My Western friends said that.

    The key point to the attraction of Vietnamese girls, according to some foreigners with Vietnamese wives, lies in “public – content – language – happiness”.

    Most of the time when asked what Western husbands love the most about their wives, they will answer that they are gentle, thoughtful, and take care of their family. In this culture of the East, Western men are still willing to help their wives with housework.

    Today’s Western women have become very independent and strong, they always prove to be no less inferior to men in any field. Perhaps that’s why the man easily feels the pressure. This does not mean that Asian women are not independent or strong, Eastern girls are still very talented and excellent in many areas of life, thus increasing their attention and love of the foreign boys.

    For reference, Vietnamese singles in California:

  3. Vietnamese single who live in the US are stunning and charming, no doubt about that. But you need to know which dating sites provide the most effective results when you join.

    In addition to Vietnam dating web services, also provides the good results so that users can comfortably date online anytime, anywhere. All profile information is provided according to actual information to avoid making virtual profiling to fraud.

    When joining the online dating sites featured in this article, anyone should keep in mind creating beautiful and professional personal profiles. Being able to create beautiful profiles by applying beautiful online video editing websites can easily attract people of the opposite sex and find a lover quickly.

    Vietnamese dating online website of, although not fully providing all the needs of many people, but it will be very useful if you can use a combination of many Vietnamese dating websites to find a lover. In case you want to surprise new Vietname singles, read this dating reviews to learn about this website:

  4. You know what? Vietnamese American women who live in the US are prettier than local girls in Vietnam. This is true. So what makes many white men fall in love with Vietnamese women in US? The answer varies widely depending on who was asked. Some argue that it is because Asian women are shy, meek, obedient, and more docile than noisy, argumentative and extrovert white women. Some other opinions suggest that white men like yellow girls because they have a small, slim appearance.

  5. To tell you the truth, you can use Vietnam dating sites to find true Vietnamese woman but you need to pay attention to gold diggers, not many but there are some money diggers I found from Vietnam cupid dating sites and other vietnamese dating websites. So, precaution is a big plus.

  6. That’s right. Vietnamese dating sites are the easy and effective way to find single women in Vietnam or in America. I have found one lovely Viet wife from this dating website. Thanks.

  7. My name is Elizabeth Yee and i am from San Francisco, California I’m 33 years old and I’m single. I work with the United States Military, And The Red Cress but i am presently in Syria for peace keeping mission . I really need an honest and caring man to establish a true relationship that may lead into something good

  8. I’m a man looking for a women 45 to 60 to be friend and maybe marriage i’m old school I want to date see how it goes…the pic of me is at work full time so i’ m not a bum…

  9. I am Steve Nguyen, 60 years old, I need a serious woman from age 40 to 60. Call of text me if you are interested +19725346638

  10. Hello dear my name is steve frank i m from British i m a pilot by profession,i will like to communicate with you can whats app me on this no

  11. I’m cool and gentle but you’ll get to know more interesting things about me when start talking..
    Really open minded and ready to mingle

  12. I would describe myself as a very happy,outgoing,honest,loving and caring person who has a great personality and loves helping people less fortunate than myself.I really value my love ones, I would really love to meet someone on here who shares some common interests with me and who is also looking for a long term relationship with a very genuine and honest man. write me through this medium

  13. Hello am new here need a nice working class vietnamese lady, ready to mingle and settle down for marriage, am not here to waste my time if you are here to waste my time don’t bother contacting me

  14. Hello beautiful Vietnamese women in the house, my name is Erik and i come from Malaysia but presently living in the states and i hope to meet with a beautiful and single vietnamese who lives in USA. here is my email address for contact…scammers stay away

  15. My name is Maria, indan American citizen 30years old,I have a daughter 4 years old,I am searching for a serious man 45 and above, other info will be private

  16. Hello My name is Quyuh Nguyen and am a loving and awesome lady to be with, am filled with life, love and happiness and i will like to meet a honest, loving and caring man that we can talk the walk of faith in love together.. feel free to text me on my number

  17. I’m Ruben Morin, from Houston Texas USA, but my mother is from Ho chi Minh City. I’m looking for a woman who will truly love my son Daniel. Maybe as time goes on there will be something great for us in the future. A woman in USA, Australia or Canada
    +6590819133 my zalo number.

  18. My name is Jonathan Dinh Nguyen, I would love to connect with a Vietnamese lady to start up as friends. Mum believes Vietnamese ladies are gold and they wont break my heart, hurt me and treat me bad like the white ladies so she been insisting go for one. I would prefer a Vietnamese lady anywhere around USA to start up as friends. If interested, please give me a call or text me on 810 852 8332.

  19. Hello everyone looking for the right man to spend the rest of my life with serious from USA and Canada Only you can text me on…..602- 899-9732?

  20. I look for a Vietnamese female friend that we can build something real and honest together am 45 years I live in the states and I wish to meet any good Vietnamese around the states for a sincere and honest friendship/relationship…. Instagram ID Nguyenpawn1000 and my mail is :Nguyenpawntong1000@gmail.Com

  21. I enjoy taking nice drives up the coast enjoying the sights of the beautiful beaches of California. I love to workout and spend time with family.

  22. I’m single mom and looking for friends first, and if we are having some kind of connection or good chemistry, we can go further than friendship. I’m 45 years old and look younger than my age.

  23. My name is Daniel Trong from Thailand but i grew and live here in West Palm Beach Florida. I’m looking for a Vietnamese lady who’s is based here in USA for a serious relationship would lead to marriage. Here is my Facebook name,
    Daniel Trong. contact email.

  24. Hello gentlemen, I am Suong Nguyen. I live in Vietnam. I am a divorced woman. I am friendly and honest who is in search for a gentleman who can get married with me. I will be your ideal wife or even a servant. I am 1.6 meter in tall and 55 kg in weight. I have one kid. My picture is below.
    My phone number is 011-84-0967770497(zalo)

    • Hello beautiful my name is jr and I would love to get to know you better. I live in United states and I would love to talk to you my name is jr and my number is1-281-541-3445 text me so we can talk.

    • Do you have gamail so I can add you up on Hangout, its a message app were talk more over there my name is Chris Walter

      • I’m Ben Poole looking for a good woman who I will spend the rest of my life with, I’m a widower I lost my wife from PKD kidney disease I have a granddaughter and I love my granddaughter so much!!

    • I miss tenderness, love, care and attention in my life. I look for the woman who will want to give all that to me. She should be sincere and kind. I will never accept rudeness and cruelness in my family. I am very soft and look for the woman who will appreciate and cherish me, who will make me feel a man, who will treat me with love and be generous. My future woman should also love children and put our family first. I want us to share each other’s interests and spend a lot of time together travelling, doing different outdoor activities. I look for the woman who will be positive, who will give me the feeling of calmness and protection. I do not care where you live and how old you are. If you found my me interesting, contact me. my email

      • Here is a tip for you…There is a wonderful woman by the name of Hanh. She does not fit your description, but I think she has other qualities that might change your mind. She 55, and very fit. She has her own business. She is very lonely…and horny. You can find her on Vietnam Cupid…just type in female age 55. She is wearing a peach colored traditional dress. Go slow and she will do the rest. She also does Whatsapp Please don’t mention this to Hanh…I am a friend.

  25. my name is joan i was born in dalas in USA am 5.6tall i need a serious minded person either divorced or single lady pls i need serious minded.

  26. Hello everybody, ,,,I am willaim ye thant. Now I wat to meet a girlfriend ,I am sincere and faithful man .Thank you so much

  27. Hello friends I’m Patrick by name I’m from Houston Texas I’m 40 years old I’m a widower looking for a serious relationship that gonna lead to marriage..I’m a freight agent I’m working in Houston TX I do travel to many countries because of my work. You can contact me on whatsapp application
    +1(302) 308-4589

  28. I am seeking a Vietnamese woman for marriage. She must speak English fluently and live in the US or Canada. my viber number is +12269161478

  29. hi, looking for a beautiful Vietnamese lady for friendship and maybe more if need be( depends on his things go) must be ready to relocate if not based in the US. I live in Michigan. that’s my mail. add on on hangout or send a direct message. have fun

  30. I am Dr steven wilson from the US
    i am looking for a nice and beautiful woman who i love and we love in honesty sincerity and trust
    that we may look towards the future together in love and happiness

  31. My name is Ngoc Huong. I was born 1989. i am 1.62 meter and 52 kg. I am single. I currently live with my family in 10st district of Ho Chi Minh city. I am a beauty consultant. My hobby is travel and I want to make all women beautiful and be confident in life. I like to find a man who is honest, general and faithful, so we can grow old together.

    Contact email:

  32. My name is Thuong. I am 35 years old. I’m from Vietnam. I’m a divorced Vietnamese woman. I live with my kids, one son and one daughter. I am a teacher. I like to find friends who are same situation as me. He should have a stable job. He doesn’t have to be rich but be honest and faithful in love and marriage. I am looking for an older man with gentle personality who can grow old with me to the rest of life.
    My phone via zalo: 011-84-987947927
    Phone directly: 011-84-914357234

  33. Want to marry beautiful Vietnamese women from America. I live in Massachusetts so I hope I have many to chose from. Let’s have lots of fun and laughs….. Tee pic taken last week 2019

  34. hello my name is Richard Loi am single seeking a serious relationship a woman whom i will love and cherish for the rest of my life if possible marriage, seeking a loving caring woman am an Engineer by profession and i live in united states since am 6 years old with my late parents.

  35. hello my name is kim quan am single seeking foe a serious relationship a woman whom i will love and cherish for the rest of my life if possible marriage, seeking a loving caring lady ,

  36. My name is Huong Nguyen. I was born in 1982, weight 55 kg, and tall 1.60 meter. I live at Binh duong city, which is abour 30 km from Ho chi minh (HCM or Saigon) city of Vietnam. I am divorced and I have two children. I am looking for a man who is honest and faithful to me. Age is not important. I am seeking a nice man, so your income does not matter to me. You must be nice to me and that’s all I need in a man.
    My phone number is 011-84-983799576

  37. Hello Vietnamese, i need a true love whether you are bad in speaking English doesn’t matter to me at all. We will learn by teaching ourselves. What matters is true love, understanding and sincere heart. Feel free to email me or chat me on hangout; email:

  38. Hello,how are you my name is willam saah i live in Freetown Sierra Leone West Africa I like you to be my friend.

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