Viet kieu dating
Viet Kieu dating

How Vietnamese Girls Find & Date Viet Kieu For Marriage

Most Vietnamese girls find Viet Kieu at the Vietnamese American dating sites. You may not understand the word, Viet Kieu or VietKieu. This term describe a group of Vietnamese people who live in America and other Western nations. Local Vietnamese women and men who live in Vietnam call this group, Viet Kieu. Every year, there are thousands of Viet Kieu return to visit Saigon, Ho Chi Minh, Ha Noi, and other cities in Vietnam. Especially, on the New Year Eve, thousands of them travel to Viet Nam to visit their relatives and single Vietnamese men travel there to get to know or get married with Vietnamese girls. They know these Viet women through VietSingleCom dating site or introduction from friends.

Vietnamese man in USA

Vietnamese girls also use the Internet dating services to find Viet Kieu there. The online dating service is one of the easiest ways to find single Vietnam women and men for dating, relationship and marriage. These Vietnamese women post the personal ads online by describing who they are, such as location, age, career, interests, hobbies, etc. They also post their photos on the profile to attract the VietKieu who live in USA, Canada, Australia, Italy, Germany, and etc. Vietnamese ladies are smart in looking husbands in the West because most of these men treat the girl in a better manner than local men in Vietnam do. Also, they want to come to the West so they have more opportunities to work and make money.

Some Vietnamese women agree to get married with old Viet Kieu who are double their age. These ladies will sacrifice themselves for the future of their children. There are better opportunities in the Western nations than in Vietnam so they are willing to get married with older Vietnamese husbands. A 25 years old Vietnamese girl can get married with a 50 years old man. Even though the age is different, they get married and live happily. However, when these young Viet girls come to the West, most of them divorce the old husband sooner or later. It does not matter how he treats her with good care, she will leave him to have her own life. Of course, a few of these young Vietnam girls stay with the husband.

Vietnam girls have many opportunities to work and make money in the Western country. They have a better future in the West than in Vietnam. So, at Vietnamese dating sites, you can see thousands of beautiful Vietnamese ladies posted their personal ads there. For example, Viet Single com dating service has thousands of singles there who are waiting to meet their soul mate. They hope to get married with a Viet Kieu someday. Another thing to consider here is that when a Vietnam woman gets married with a VietKieu, she and her family are proud with the relatives and friends.

Vietnamese girls are considered the best wife for men in Vietnam and in Western countries. Vietnam women locally and internationally have suffered discrimination and life conditions that dehumanized their powers a long time ago. Nowadays, women in Vietnam stand up for their rights to gain the equality treatment in society. Vietnam girls are treated equally as men but they are still under-pressured by the husband. So, this article is about how Viet men should treat the wife in a better manner. You know why we stand up for Vietnamese girls? Because they are the best wife that cannot be found in other Western wives.

Vietnamese men are lucky so much to have the wife who can take good care of the family, who ensures an organized house, who can cook delicious daily meals, and who can take good care of your children. They can sacrifice themselves for your own goods. Long time ago, Vietnamese women cannot make their own marriage but the parents arrange everything. Some of them have to live with the husband whom they don’t know anything about to the rest of their life. Nowadays, they can date with the man whom they like and love. But after marriage and have children, most of them become housewives.

In this modern century, there are online dating services that both single Vietnamese women and men can register to find their second half, such as Viet Single com site. They can go to dating site and search for the man of their dreams, including local men in Saigon, Hanoi, etc, and Vietnamese-American men. Let’s speak about these online dating sites a little bit. Some of you may not know about how popular these dating websites can help. Vietnamese dating sites are free and fun to find your ideal partner. What you need to do is to set up a personal profile by writing your location, age, career, interests, what type of persons you are seeking. After you finish your profile, you can search for men and women and interact with them by sending out an email message.

According to this Internet world, looking for love and romance, relationship and marriage online is the best way. You can find a long-term partner who can share with you the joys in life. You don’t have to gather at the clubs or bars to find a short-term date anymore. These places usually don’t generate lifeterm partners. If you want to find a lifetime companion, then you should find her or him at Vietnamese dating sites.

Single Vietnamese girls and men can find love and relationship online easily and conveniently. If you don’t have a computer at home, you can come to the Internet clubs to find your love. What you need is the email address or nick name from someone you like and you can go from there.

So, Vietnamese girls usually meet Viet Kieu for dating and marriage at Vietsingle com dating site.


  • Jen lee

    Easy to answer, it is about the desiring to have a full life and a secure future, many Vietnamese women have chosen to marry foreign men or Viet Kieu.

    Getting married from Taiwan, China, Korea … once became a movement and a way for many Vietnamese girls to change their lives. Currently, although not as blooming as before, the demand for and the number of Vietnamese girls who want to marry foreign countries has no sign of decreasing.

    So, money and finance for better lifestyle are the reasons.

  • Hanh Cali

    I think you pay for what you get in terms of choosing an oversea Vietnamese husband. Any girl who grows up dreams that someday she will find a worthy husband to put on makeup “blush, lipstick”.

    American overseas Vietnamese are often favored by girls in Vietnam and considered as the top standard for them to settle in America, have a rich and happy life.

    But the girls in Vietnam do not know the news about Vietnamese lives in the US or do not really get to know each other fully, so the hasty love, or exchange, sale also leads to end. sadly.

    Many overseas Vietnamese who have wives do not have a stable career, do not know how to do business, like to play games, and gamble but prefer young and beautiful girls who often return to Vietnam to find wives. There is a man who calls himself a doctor, an engineer … to trick the gullible, gullible girls.

    Although I could not find a wife in America, but when I returned to Vietnam, it was expensive. The ladies, the ladies who only listen to the label of Viet Kieu are treating them like a piece of gold. One side likes to go to America, the other side likes beautiful young girls. These two needs meet, so it is easy to create quick marriages.

    Therefore, when I came to the US, I knew that my overseas Vietnamese husband came from a poor group of manual labor or a Nails.

    After a while she had a green card for 10 years, she was ready to part with her husband.

    The sales, exchanges or drama in the game of husband and wife finally have to lower the curtain. Many girls love really disillusioned.

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