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Vietnamese Women Looking For Husbands Oversea

Well, Vietnamese Women Looking For Husbands Overseas has been increasingly popular in the last few years. There are thousands of Vietnamese American men (Viet Kieu or Vietkieu) who got married with local women in Viet Nam every year.

Viet Nam is the nation where women and men enjoy equal rights but there are still some domestic violence happen in family. Also, thousands of single Vietnamese women who live in poor family, are looking to a better future in a foreign country. This is why they look to find Vietnamese men in the West
(tim ban trai nuoc ngoai) for marriage.

Vietnamese woman in US

Vietnamese women looking for men overseas are serious and loyal. They are popular for their charm, caring attitude, and loyal in relationship and marriage. Vietnamese brides are the backbone of the family. They are the best money spenders and keepers. In terms of marriage, a Vietnamese woman considers it as a life-term commitment. She won’t leave her man or file a divorce. She always stays on your side, no matter what. Anyway, Vietnamese women have extra-ordinary characters and traits that other Asian girls don’t have.

On this modern era, thousands of single Vietnamese looking for husbands use the online Vietnam dating sites to find the second half. They register a personal profile online to search for him. They search for Vietnamese single men in the West and then contact these guys. If thing look good, they go for a chat to get knows further and move into a serious relationship. Then they meet each other in Vietnam and go for marriage.

There are thousands of single Vietnamese girls looking for husbands online, search for your second half now.


  • Viet Kieu dating site

    There are main reasons that single women in Vietnam prefer to get married with Viet Kieu or oversea Vietnamese husbands.
    1. The voice of a Viet Kieu men is so soft and cute – especially Vietnamese French and Australian. Their voices are very warm, oblivious, sound very soft, very intellectual, very polite. His voice was not as rough as a northern man, not as dry as a middle-aged man and not as ungrateful as a male male. Not to mention his style is very historical and intellectual, true quality, that also softens your hearts.
    2. Oversea Vietnamese men repsect women in matters of sex. Sex for them is the end result, not the end. As for Vietnamese men, flirting with girls has only one thing in mind, “I have to sleep with this woman.” Viet Kieu men always take condoms in people who, if they have sex, use them, they contribute to the protection of a woman’s body, not like a Vietnamese man.
    3. Viet Kieu usually have more money.

  • mai phuong

    You know what I think. A person’s mettle is temperament, which is the outward manifestation of the interior, is the invisible power emanating from his qualities. It requires going through practice, accumulated gradually in everyday life.

    For a man, mettle is very important. It not only shows wisdom, level of cultivation, how to treat people, but also distinguishes them from others. A man who can carry his family, build a great career cannot be a person without the courage.

  • jaykay

    Hello my name is jaykay I’m looking for a honest,loving and caring woman for marriage,i wish to lead a happy and peaceful life for the rest of life, i just saw your profile and wish to communicate, kindly revert to me.
    kind regards

  • kim pham

    I am Kim Pham, was born in 1976. I work and live in Ho chi minh city of Vietnam. I am divorced. I am a chef. I am friendly. I am looking for a western man for marriage.
    My phone number is 011-84-787848099
    Em m? kim ph?m sinh 16/7/1976. S?ng và làm vi?c thành ph? h? chí minh ?ã ly hôn. Là m?t ??u b?p chay. S?ng t?t b?ng hòa ??ng vui v? tìm ch?ng ng??i n??c ngoài chung th?y. Gi? chúng ta không c?n ??u gì hoài h?nh phúc.

  • Kim Yen

    To my future lover:
    My name is Kim Yen, I was born on 1981. I currently live in Viet Nam. I am 1.69 meter in height and 59 kg in weight. I am a confident Vietnamese woman and I am rich in loving people. I was divorced 5 years ago and I have 2 daughters. My look is just fine.
    My wish is to find a lover who lives in the West and has the same situation like mine. He is from 47-60 years old. He must be a good hearted guy, friendly look. We can go further from friendship to lover to relationship to marriage.
    My phone: 011-84-969434579

  • Ngoc Han

    My name is Ngoc Han, 1.57 meter tall, and 45 kg weight. I was born on 1987. I live by myself in Ho Chi Minh city of Vietnam. I am a worker. My birth place is in Soc Trang province. I like to find a life partner to share my life with. He need to respect me and that’s all I need. Thanks.

    My phone: 011-84-921270943

  • My Dung

    My name is My Dung, I am 1.62 meter and 57 kg. I was born in 1974. My husband died a few years ago. I live in Dong Nai vietnam. I am working as a saleperson. I am friendly and honest. I am seeking a good man for marriage.

    • Vincent owusu

      Hi how are you doing, am Vincent from Ghana west Africa am interested in you please you can contact me in this number

    • Jovani 7084919021

      Hi!! How are you? I have seen your picture and your so beautiful. I would like to know you and we can talk more about us if your interested.

    • Jovanii

      Hello my name is jovanii I’m divorse looking for a woman to be married and be happy together. I seen your picture and wow your a beautiful lady I would like to know you if you lie you can call my number at I hope you call so that way we both can talk.

  • Hung nguyen

    Vietnamese women looking for husbands online is common because there are many Vietnam single women found their men and came to USA and other western nations to live. It is common to find Vietnamese husbands online these days.

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