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Golden Traits On Vietnamese Women In Vietnam & In The West

There are some golden traits on Vietnamese Women in Vietnam and those who live in the West like USA, Canada, Australia, UK, and so on. Vietnamese women are too popular by their golden characteristics for dating, relationship and marriage. Every Viet single girl is deeply involved with her roots. It does not matter where she lives, in Viet Nam or in a Western country, her values, beliefs and family traditions are still ingrained in her mindset. They do not think like an American woman do. On the dating stage, the men should cover all the costs. If you can’t afford some expensive gifts, then you just give a simple gift for her. This means you care for her.

Vietnamese Women
Vietnamese Women

For Vietnamese men, they should not have any problem dating Vietnam women. You know everything about the culture. However, I want to remind some tips when dating a Viet lady. Don’t rush into her. You have to respect her all the time. Get to know her family and siblings is very important. Even though most single Vietnam women can decide and arrange their marriage, the parents’ approval is still highly valued. Most of them respect their parents and older siblings. Vietnamese ladies live close to the family. When you marry a Vietnamese bride, you marry her family too.

Vietnamese Girls are probably the most popular ladies on the world. Here are some golden traits about them:

Vietnamese girls are not submissive as people thought. She listens to her husband for most of things in the family and usually lets him lead the family. However, she is not submissive for wrong things you do or say.

Most of them like to get married with Vietnamese men, not foreigners. There are thousands of Viet brides who get married with Viet Kieu in USA, Canada, Australia, and etc. There are only a few who get married with foreign men.

A Vietnamese lady prefers to get married with a man who is older than her for 5 to 10 years old. These older men are usually financially and emotionally stable enough to establish a good family.

They are excellent housekeepers. Even though they work full time, they ensure that the house is clean and organized, the daily meals are ready for dinner, the children are taken good care of, and so on.

They don’t go out with another men after marriage. Most of them only go out with their husbands and children.

Vietnamese Girls Are The Color Of Vietnam

Vietnamese girls are the color of Vietnam because they are proud of themselves. It is really easy to find Vietnamese girls on Vietnamese web sites for marriage relationship. Vietnamese girls are the pride of their respective countries because they are serving many relationships together at one time. The happy faces, beautiful eyes, naughtiness in smiles, spice and color of the avian girls have increased their popularity world wide. They are playing several roles together like being daughters, college students, friends, professional lady, and a wife and mother. Vietnamese girls have made their name all over the world. They are everywhere. This is the reason that Vietnamese girls and women are the color of Asia. Vietnamese women take up their responsibilities very well. Being women they know that they have more responsibilities to handle than the males. The Vietnamese females are like the light house of their whole family who show them the way to respective works. These girls and ladies are protective towards their family, supportive, offer complete comfort at their best level, sacrificing and always giving.

The Vietnamese girls are bright and brilliant all over the world and still are divested of the deserving status, love and respect. At one side they are attaining the peak level of success and at the same time on other hand they are suffering from domestic violence and official violence at their place. She is mute and no body is helping her out. It is also true that the Vietnamese girls have made their mark in sports, business and science. There is no field which is untouched by them. They have worked really hard on their part and this is the reason they have attained a respectable status in other countries other than Asia itself. If girls of Asia are getting high standard and living, they are also getting disrespect from certain human species. There are many people who are biased towards girls. India is one of the countries of Asia where girls are killed inside wombs.

When it comes to the academics, Vietnamese girls have proved themselves. The attention towards girl education is less in many countries of Asia but if proper attention is paid towards their health and education they will surpass boys in all fields. Several surveys have been conducted which states that Vietnamese women have more strength and capacity to handle difficult situation with more power.

The features and characteristics of Vietnamese girls are hot and happening. They are wowed by other countries too. The Vietnamese ladies have positive attitude, sharp thoughts, and subtle behavior and with such nature they are making their countries proud and taking them a head of developed countries. They are progressing both economically, and academically. Besides all these things and success, the Vietnamese girls know their culture and respect it. They have the ability to rise up a different era of generation. Their confidence is high but they need our support and help. The Vietnamese women are surely the color of Asia in all aspects. You can find them online with ease. There are so many Americans who have married Vietnamese girls and are happy.

These are some golden characteristics of Vietnamese Women. Do I miss any trait? Please post them in the comment box below. Thanks.


  • Le nhung

    “Assurance” is a most stunning concept of Vietnamese women that refers to a woman who is responsible for doing housework, and a woman who is good at doing housework. According to the old concept, guarantee is the concept that indicates the woman’s quality at work, often taking care of the family. Nowadays, the concept of security has been developing and expanding in meaning. It is the ability to control water affairs, house chores. A responsible woman is the one who knows how to harmonize housework and social work.

  • Linh

    Respect yourself and others are two golden virtues of vietnamese girls.

    Even if you converge all other good virtues, but you are an arrogant person, do not know how to respect others, you will quickly lose points in the eyes of the gentlemen. A woman who respects herself and others is someone who doesn’t overdo things, puts herself and others in dangerous, embarrassing, or disrespectful situations .

    The attitude of respect for others is reflected in each person’s daily language, gestures, and even if they do not say it, most men will certainly notice this quality of the woman.

    Men choose women who respect others because they believe that they are the women who “know me know me” and know how to behave in life.

  • Jenny Lee

    From my personal point of view, I think a hard-working woman is always “favored” by men than lazy women.
    The hard work here is not just insistently doing everything of others, husband and children … to be recognized. Please understand more openly that a woman who does not pay much attention to work, but does everything scientifically, knows how to share the work properly with everyone, then she is a smart woman.
    It is a man’s honor to “contribute” to helping women. Therefore, there is no gentleman who wants a woman to only work as an “unpaid slave”, embrace all of her work and then have no time to care for herself.

  • Linda bich

    Who are Vietnamese women? Vietnamese? Born in Vietnam but living in a foreign country. Men or women, Western or we all have someone else. enjoy a lot from family, school and the surrounding social environment that they themselves are not aware of.

    Although strongly influenced by the trend of women’s liberation during the colonial period and since the country entered the opening period, Vietnamese women still retain many fine traditions. Nowadays, the concept of “Tam Tong” (at the house of the family, the price of the wife, the death of a wife) remains only in a number of middle-aged or retired women due to the proportion of women participating in the labor market. no less than men. However, concepts such as “merit, tolerance, speech, virtue” or faithfulness, filial piety, or tenderness, elegance are still the traditional qualities recognized and directed by individuals, families and society. . In addition, Vietnamese women are also very diligent to learn the traditions of other countries such as China, Japan, France, America during the colonial period, the traditions they have no longer kept, we are in the process. The process of learning makes the image of Vietnamese women still extremely … traditional in the eyes of international friends.

    I think Vietnamese women are stunning and family oriented.

  • Cindy Nguyen

    I think it depends on the man. Men, regardless of when in love or when wanting to marry, should be careful in choosing their other half.

    It’s okay if she’s not pretty, just be someone with a good temper. She doesn’t have high academic status, it’s okay, just be a diligent person, dare to think and dare to do. It’s okay if she’s not rich, just someone with dignity.

    However, in this society, no one easily “exposes the shirt to the viewer”, no one will be so stupid that they expose their evil nature to the outside for everyone to see. But bad people are more likely to pretend to be good people.

  • Yen Ngan

    Hello everyone on this dating website ! I am a new member of this online dating service. I like to introduce myself. I am Ngan, 28 years old. I am 1.59 meter and 49 kg. I had a boy twins. I am a divorced Vietnamese woman. I wish to have friends to chat and talk with each other. I am single and friendly. I like to meet a man who is gentle and honest in lifetime marriage. I don’t look for a rich man, or handsome man. He needs a job and that’s it. He must accept who I am. Thanks for reading.
    My phone number is 84-0972560356

  • Kim Cuc

    My name is Cuc, from Ho chi minh city of Vietnam. I am 1.56 meter and 50 kg. I am a single mom who is friendly and honest. I like to meet a good western man who can love me to the bottom of his heart. Age is not important. I don’t care about your money. I care about your love. If you like me, then please write me. Thanks.

  • My Truc

    My name is My Truc. I was born in 1980. I am 1.61 meter and 50 kg in weight. I am divorced and I live in Hoa Binh district Vietnam. I am a teacher. I like to meet a soul mate who is honest and faithful and responsible. He must love his own family. He is strong, friendly. Age is not important for me. Write me some words. Thanks.

  • Kim Loan

    Hi, my name is Kim Loan, 23 years of age, 1.56 meter tall and 47 kg. I am living and working in Ho Chi Minh city of Vietnam. I am a sale and finance worker. I am a single Vietnamese girl who have never married, no kid. I like to do errands, cook and being a housewife. I like to listen to music and watch TV shows when I have free time. I am single so I am looking for a nice man who lives in the West for marriage. He must be older than me but not older than 70 years old. I am not a materialistic girl. Drop me some words if you like me.
    My phone: 011-84-858801711 , nice to meet you!

  • Thu Kieu

    My name is Thu Kieu, 1.60 meter tall and 60 kg weight. I was born 1978, divorced and have one kid. I was born in Long An province of South Vietnam. I am working in Saigon city. I own a small massage business. I like to look for a good man to get married with. Age is not important but your trait is very important to me. I am seeking a man who loves me to the rest of his life. He can grow old with me.
    My phone number is 011-84-907333844

  • Dung Truong

    Hi gentlemen, my name is Dung Truong. I live in Soc Trang city, south Vietnam. I was born 1978. I am 1.65 meter (5’5) and 52kg (115 lbs). I am a widow and I have two children. I own a small cookie shop to sell in front of elementary school. I like to find a man who is from 40 and 70 years old, who respect Vietnamese girls like myself.
    My phone via zalo and viber: 011-84-856895124

  • nguyen Jenny

    Of course, Vietnamese women have extraordinary traits that other women don’t. However, some Vietnamese girls in US don’t keep these traditional values, that’s a sad thing.

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