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    My Vietnamese American boyfriend calls me late

    In the rainy season, it rains from morning to night, and it is cloudy with a cold air. Living alone, sleeping alone, burying in a blanket, listening to the sound of rain dropping on the metal roof making people feel even more sad. Suddenly the phone rang, stroked once, the woman looked at her watch, it was already 23 o’clock, why are you calling this time? Vietnamese American boyfriends calls their girlfriends in Vietnam late Hello! The woman asked. On the other side of the phone, a warm, gentle sound poured into the ear, it was the voice of a man who called her: Have you slept yet? Are you…

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    Golden Traits On Vietnamese Women In Vietnam & In The West

    There are some golden traits on Vietnamese Women in Vietnam and those who live in the West like USA, Canada, Australia, UK, and so on. Vietnamese women are too popular by their golden characteristics for dating, relationship and marriage. Every Viet single girl is deeply involved with her roots. It does not matter where she lives, in Viet Nam or in a Western country, her values, beliefs and family traditions are still ingrained in her mindset. They do not think like an American woman do. On the dating stage, the men should cover all the costs. If you can’t afford some expensive gifts, then you just give a simple gift…

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    Meet Vietnam women at Vietnamese dating sites

    There are thousands of Vietnamese girls who registered themselves online to look for local men or Western men as well. Vietnamese dating sites are the best tool to meet these girls. Vietnamese women have become popular to the West these days. They have many qualities that Western girls don’t have. Vietnamese women are very attractive and feminine, petite, slender and sexy. Their inner beauty is even more beautiful in terms of doing housework, respecting elders and husbands, treating others in a good manner, and etc. Vietnamese women are very polite when they talk to friends, relatives, and especially elders. They are charming and attentive to their husbands. Most of them…

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