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Ngày đăng 03/24/2010

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Con trai
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Con gai
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United States
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Mission Viejo
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Hopefully, this site does what it advertises, and I'll be able to find some people of the opposite sex to hang out with and get to know better. Then the rest is history... In the year 2010, I am looking to get my board game invention licensed and published by a small board game company. Also, an iPhone App, and a Google Android App. I was born and raised, 15yrs, in Boston, Mass. I moved to S. F. in 1988 and graduated high school there. I love Sade!! I love traveling and taking road trips to new places. I am very spontaneous and active person. Witty, blunt, and sometimes sarcastic. I like to hike, bike, rollerblade, walks on the beach, eat out, go to the movies, hang out at Barnes & Nobles, etc. I am a hopeless romantic guy, and I wear my heart on my sleeve. I am old-fashion, and still believe in chivalry.
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1m78(5' 10)"
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