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Why do Vietnamese American Women Eye With Doubt on Men Who Return To Viet Nam Alone?

Vietnamese American eye with doubt on men who return to Viet Nam because of many reasons. The major reason is the jealousy of beautiful and young girls with long legs in the homeland. Many of these pretty local single women fall on these men who are from America return to homeland because of power and money.

Viet Kieu va phu nu Vietnam

Viet Kieu va phu nu Vietnam

Getting a visa from the Vietnamese government in US is a piece of cake but getting a visa from his wife is a hardest thing. Most Vietnamese American women place strict rules on their husbands who want to return to homeland because they are jealous of long-leg ladies over there. Every time they want to go back there, the “second visa” from their wife is the hardest thing that they hardly get approved.

“She always gives me hard time with many can’t-answered questions like WHY every time I ask her to go to homeland”, said David Ng, my friend, who is 52 years old, wants to return to Vietnam and visit his brother and relatives. He said, “she asked me why I need to go there, what will I do over there, and so on”. He feels tired every time he asks about this “second approved visa” from his wife.

There are many with many Vietnamese American ladies complain about men who return to homeland. They’ve heard many bad and miserable stories about old Vietnamese American men return home and live with young local ladies as husband and wife and don’t want to return to the U.S. This happened and currently happens a lot. As a result, Vietnamese American ladies eye with doubt on guys who want to return over there to work or do business.

“Young Vietnamese ladies are not shy nowadays. They approach to you and attack you!” said Mark Le, another friend of mine, 39 years old man. He went to a local club one day and three girls approached to him and make acquainted with him. He said they are beautiful and sexy. “If they know you are a Vietnamese American man (Viet Kieu My), then they will get acquainted with you and marry you later. They hope to make money on you or are sponsored to the US to live.”

Vietnamese American women are worried when their husband travels back home alone. Many Vietnamese men in America traveled back home alone with reasons to visit their ill relative but in fact, play with attractive young women over there. Everywhere you go in Vietnam, there are beautiful young women who are from 18 to 25, willing to serve “sex” for you, by this way or another, if you request it, including Cafe shops, beer shops, restaurants, barber shops and so on. This is one of the major reasons that Vietnamese American ladies rarely approve the “second visa” for their husband to return back home alone.

“Local Vietnamese women are very beautiful today. They are taller and prettier than the last generation.” said David. “Most of the places you go to eat or drink, there are beautiful young women who wear very short skirts or pants to show off their long and smooth legs. They always use lack-of-clothes uniforms to show off their bare breasts in front of you. This is the way to do business in VN. Business owners use young and sexy ladies to attract male customers.”

Viet Kieu an choi Vietnam

Viet Kieu an choi Vietnam

“There are many young women in Vietnam willing to get married with old men. Some over 50-year-old Vietnamese American men get married with 25-year-old women, which is happening.” said David. “Most of these girls who were born in a poor family, trying to get married with a rich husband to change their life and/or to come to America to work and make money. They make less than $10 a day.” David added.

“I graduated with a Bachelor degree (BS) from a university in Hanoi. I got a job in a company that pays me $300 a month.” said Kim Ngoc, my cousin in Vietnam. “Young women who serve in a restaurant can make $500 a month”, she added. “It is hard to find a job in VN. If you don’t have a connection, then you will have a hard time to find a good job after graduation”.

Vietnam is one of the poorest countries in Asia. Millions of young people move into big cities like Saigon or Hanoi looking for opportunities to work and make money. Especially, Vietnamese young women must accept most of possible work to make money for themselves and their family, including most of sex-related jobs. Because lacking of money, they will do everything including to serve sex for men. Therefore, Vietnamese American men (Viet Kieu) are seen as the “ideal catches” for them. There are thousands of single Vietnamese Americans who signed up at online dating site Vietdating.us to find local young women over there. Certainly, Vietnamese American ladies don’t approve the “second visa” for their man to travel to Vietnam alone.

I Want To Marry Vietnamese American Husbands – Viet Kieu My

Vietnam Dating Services are the solution to answer your question about getting married with Vietnamese American men (Viet Kieu). Vietnamese Dating Site has connected thousands of Vietnam single women with Vietkieu USA every year. However, you need to understand how to find him. You can use your own computer or at the internet cafe services to register a personal profile and search for him. There are thousands of Vietnamese American men who signed up online, how can you know to choose the best one. The best husband does not mean he must be rich, handsome, and cool. The best Vietnamese American husband is the one who will marry you and sponsor you to the United States of America (USA) to live.

Viet Kieu My

Viet Kieu My

One of the most effective ways to find a Vietnamese man is the online method. Signing up a profile through a Viet dating site takes you a few simple steps. You need to know how to prepare for this profile. Uploading a picture on your profile is recommended because that will increase the change to be searched by men. Don’t write too long but not too short on your personal ad. Especially, you should choose an attractive username, like “hong_singles”, “phuong_vietnam”, and so on. Oh, you must post only your own pictures. Also, when searching for a Vietnamese man in US, don’t look for a young man, choose a man who is older than you at least 5 years old. You know why? Young men usually play for fun, not serious in creating a relationship. Old men are ready to settle down a relationship so your chance is higher.

I want to marry a Vietnamese American husband (Em muon lay chong Viet Kieu my), what can I do? As we mentioned above, signing up a profile at an online dating service. Search for Viet Kieu my (USA), then contact them. You have to remember one thing. As we live on this modern century, you must understand the modern Vietnamese Dating process before marriage. In other words, relationship without intimacy will not lead to marriage. He won’t marry a girl whom he does not know for sure. Good luck!

Vietnamese Brides & Vietnamese American Husbands

Thousands or even millions of Vietnamese Brides are looking for Vietnamese American husbands (Viet Kieu My) at either through the introduction from friends or relatives or online dating services, pleasure or pain, happy or sad? Based on my own experience of getting married with a Vietkieu my in USA, I want to share the truth information about my situation and of others that I have known of.

Tim Ban OnlineIt is not what you thought it was in the United States of America. This is the truth. The basic needs of life in USA are too high. On average locations like Orange County in California, Northern Virginia, New York, the monthly expense for a family with two young kids is probably 3,000 dollars. The average salary for a blue color worker is between $1,500 to $2,500. So, the total salary for both husband and wife is about $3,000 to $5,000. If you look at the expense for a month, then you will see the close number for the expense and the income. For those who have Bachelor or Master degree, their salary is between $40,000 (students just graduated) to $120,000 (with more than 10 years of experience) a year. These Vietnam American people can save more money than blue color workers.

Vietnamese Brides & Vietnamese American Husbands (Lay Chong Viet Kieu o My)

After reuniting with her husband and began to face the life in America, she may has the outdoor feeling. Life in America is not too easy and simple as she thought. Single women in Vietnam get married with Vietnamese husbands in USA have the same feeling, homesick. This is very important for those who don’t have strong mind, they may not stand on that. When I first came to America, I missed my parents and siblings so much.

For those Vietnamese women who get married with Viet Kieu My because they want to help their poor family in Viet Nam, they may feel stronger and powerful. They have lived in a poor condition so they might be stronger because they can sacrifice themselves to help parents and siblings in Vietnam. For those who are rich in Vietnam, they may be disappointed when coming to USA. There are many new things in life they need to learn, drive a car, how to use in-house machines, English, get a job, and so on. In this country, I had to wait until the item on sale to buy it that I never had waited for that long by the time I was in Vietnam. However, I learned how to save money and spend money appropriately.

When I first came to USA, I didn’t know anything about here. I was born in a not so poor family so I didn’t know much about doing housework. When I came here, I started learning everything I could. I even worked in a Vietnamese restaurant as a Waitress for 9 months. After that, I got a better job as a cashier at 7-Eleven fast food restaurant. Now, I am a teller in a bank. We have two kids now and we are doing just fine. When I talk to my parents in Vietnam and tell them about my situation. They are proud of me. They can’t believe they eyes that I can handle multiple tasks in a day. Every day, I wake up in the morning, take my kids to school, drive to work for 8 hours, go home and prepare dinner. Anyway, I get used to it. When I visited my sister’ family in Vietnam last year, she had a maid who can help her everything in the house like cleaning, cooking, taking care of kids, and etc. She didn’t work but just stayed home. I didn’t feel sad or happy, I handle all of these house errands by myself in America and I work full time too. Anyway, that’s the life in America.

So, there are many expenses required to have an American life. It takes time to settle in and get used to it. You will face the fast paced lifestyle in the United States of America.

So, Vietnamese Brides get married with Viet Kieu My, pleasure or pain? It is up to you to think and tell. I just wrote what I experienced about my own life of getting married with an Vietnamese American husband.

Thuy Huong