The Grand Casino Ho Tram in Ba Ria Vung Tau Vietnam

I’ve been to casinos and hotels a few times in the US. I feel like Ho Tram Casino has a friendlier environment, maybe because all the staff here are Vietnamese and they speak the Vietnamese language. I have recorded a few scenes here and would like to share them for you. 

I was introduced to the Grand Casino Ho Tram by a Taiwanese friend last week, and invited me to go so I was here two days ago. My friend is a VIP guest here so the resort send a car to Binh Duong to pick us up. The car is very spacious, has wifi on board and provides mineral water and towels for each person. 

It took about 2 hours and 30 minutes to arrive. I heard that if you are not a VIP guest, you can take a bus in District 1 of Saigon to go to the Grand Casino Ho Tram. 

When we arrived at around 12:45, there were many staff waiting outside helping carry our suitcases inside. Here, there are many visitors, mostly Asians, very few Westerners. I stepped in into the lobby, I was surprised by the sparkling beauty of this resort. We went to the counter to check in, the staff worked very quickly. Unlike other resorts I’ve been to like Cancun, there are always staff members who bring “welcome drinks” like orange juice, water, coffee, etc. on the tray to invite guests while waiting to check in. At this resort, there is no staff to do that (smile).

The receptionist who checked us in said she would call me when the room was ready. She checked my American passport and told me to deposit six million VND. When I play enough cards, they will refund the deposit when I check out the last day. 

At the Grand Casino Ho Tram, only foreign passport holders are allowed to enter the casino. Vietnamese people are not allowed to enter this Casino. While waiting, I walked inside and bought food at the Resort. Looking at the price list, I was surprised, the price of 1 plate of grilled duck and port rice, 290,000k, about $13. This price is the same as the price of food in America. I think this price is too expensive compared to in Vietnam. The food was very delicious though. 

At around 1:30 PM, the receptionist called me and said the room was ready. I arrived and got the key to the room. 

This is a 5-star hotel room, very classy, spacious and airy. There is water in the room and free coffee and tea. Good room amenities (slippers & plush bathrobes) .

My friend took me to the casino to get a membership card, they checked my passport and took a photo to make a membership card for me. With this card, I can go to the casino anytime they are open, eat and drink for free. 

In the evening, our group of friends went out to eat dinner at My Le 2 restaurant. Woh, this is the first time I ate the huge clams, shrimps, mantis shrimps, crabs . They were very delicious. 

Seafood at My Le restaurant
My Le 2 Seefood Restaurant

When I got home from dinner around 10 o’clock, I went to the casino. My friend said that after 11 pm to 6 am, the casino will double the points, and said I should play Roulette to gain more points quickly and save money. I need 388 points to qualify for a free 5-star hotel here. Today is Saturday so I must have 388 points, on weekdays you only need 188 points or less to qualify for a free room. That’s right, I played Roulette for about 30 minutes and got nearly 400 points. I only played small, won a few times, and only spent 30 dollars, about 700k VND. After that, I went to the restaurant inside the casino and ate a little, then changed money at the counter and then went back to the room. 

When I woke up in the morning, I went down to the LG floor to have a breakfast (free for everyone at this Resort ). I was overwhelmed because there was so much food (Europe & Asia dishes) displaying at the counter, by buffet style. This resort is open for breakfast until 11am. 

After breakfast, I went out for a walk and visited swimming pools. Maybe I’m not used to the weather in Vietnam because I’ve lived in a cold state in the US for more than 30 years. The weather here at 11 a.m. was about 38 Celsius degree, about 100 Fahrenheit degree, so I could only view the ocean but couldn’t swim because it was too hot. 

Then I went back to the hotel and checked out at 12 PM. The receptionist refunded me exactly 6 million VND. 

I had spent nearly two days of experience here, it was very interesting and I will return here as soon as I have time.

Thank you for reading.Have a nice day!

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