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Tuy Hoa, Vietnam
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Vietnamese traditional medicine
I am a poor teacher in Vietnam. Lack of business capital is a very big obstacle for my career. I know some traditional prescription very valuable. I can cure some diseases difficult to treat, such as chronic pharyngitis disease , the pompholyx disease, haemorrhoids disease... with very low cost, although patients were treated in hospital but not healed. There are good things will benefit you, benefit me and everyone in the world, if I have enough investment capital to expand production scale and sales.

I have studied success formula beverage manufacturing of herbal origin. This product very effect to recover health, eliminate environmental toxins from entering the human body, cooling, physical rehabilitation for both men and women.
But I do not have enough capital to expand business and bring products to market, help people stay healthy.
All the difficulties can be solved by empathy. I really need the source of your investment. Thank attention and investment cooperation or assistance from you. . If you wish to expand their business please contact me: lethimapmap@gmail.com.
Mr. Cao Van A , Hoa Mi Dong commune, Tay Hoa district, Phu Yen Province, Vietnam.

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