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Hội viên
Tên tài khoản:
Giới tính:
Con trai
Nơi cư ngụ:
Foshan, Guangdong, China
Người cần tìm:


Hội viên
Tên tài khoản:
Giới tính:
Con trai
Nơi cư ngụ:
Foshan, China
Người cần tìm:

I am an honest sincere Chinese man looking for a woman as spouse.
For job fluctuation reason I did not earn enough money to buy a house or a car in china, so my ex-wife left me two years ago (2008).
After then I realized that a family should be constructed base on love, and loyalty. Though there are lots of big age single women, it's hard to find one suitable for a family without a house and lots of money.
I like opinion exchange, but dislike quarrel.
I like to make some adventures in business, but dislike fight inside a family.
I am a frugal person, and dislike waste.
I like active actions, and dislike negative actions.
I like research, design, construction, innovation, cooperation, support and other active activities.
I like playing badminton, having time I would play it with friends.
I like active useful music, and I like genuine art.
I like planting and breeding, and I dislike destroying and killing.
I like Japanese’s loyalty, American’s science, German’s industry, and Singaporean’s democracy, Vietnamese’s diligency.
With responsible and mercy soul, and special thought, I am someone different from public people.
I think with a stable family, a lot of dreams would come true with husband and wife's effort, including language exchange.
I am an IT systems engineer worked for enterprise business entities before. Now I plan to get married before developing our own business after marriage.
I sincerely wish that the woman that would marry me contacted me after reading my message.

The criteria that might couple us as spouse includes:
* Necessary criteria:
- Self-support: Without strong dependency on others;
- Rational: Right and wrong judge capability;
- Family-caring: Who cares a family, not oneself;
- Communication effective (Can be trained. But using a little English or Chinese is necessary at first);
- Legal women: For legal marriage, for legal children;
- With no children
- Ability to born
- Honest
- Virtuous: Moral, acceptable for divorced without kids
- Loyalty

* Preferred criteria:
- Ready for difficulties
- Good educated state
- Good working ability
- Love science/technology/trading
- IT practitioner
- Beautiful
- Feminine
- Chubby shape

For only a little woman in this website meet my basic criteria, I has no plan to upgrade membership to the mean time. So please contact me through vectorgd at yahoo.com or vectorgd at 163.com or QQ914273107 or mobile+8613119888964.

Thanks and waiting for your information.


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