Thank You Letters From Singles Got Married From This Vietnam Dating Site

Here are some thank-you letters from Vietnamese singles who sent to me after they have found their life partners overseas. Vietnam dating works fast and safe.

From: ANTHONY TUSent: Tuesday, October 1, 2019 4:35 PMSubject: Re: help with prove for US consulate

Hello Admin,My name is ABC. I sent a message to my wife on Auguest 19, 2017 on your website. She replied me on August 20, 2017. Then, I gave her my telephone number and we chatted and talked via Zalo and Viber since. The first day we talked was August 26, 2017.

After that, I booked a ticket to go to Vietnam to meet her on January 13, 2018. She met me at Tan Son Nhat Airport. Then we went to her house to meet her family. I also took her to introduce with my family in Viet Nam. Within that time, we traveled to many places and we also went to Bangkok Thailand for 5 days. The time I stayed in Vietnam, contacted with each other, met with both families, we felt in love and I proposed her the last day of that trip in Vietnam. I told her I would go back to marry her on September 2018.

After I came back to the US, we continued talking via Zalo and Viber, I sent her money to prepare for the wedding. On September 6, 2018, I came to marry her in Viet Nam. I came back to America and ask the lawyer to open the paperwork to sponsor her to the US.

Do I provide you enough information, Tony? Can you please write me a letter so my wife can present it the US Consulate on her interview for VISA?

Thank you so much!

Hội viên

Very nice, good luck

Hội viên

another successful love story and nice couples generated from this Vietnam dating site. It seems like this Vietnamese dating services created many relationships and marriages. Congratulations.

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