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These are the stories of successful online couples generated from our Vietnamese dating site and singles. If you've found that special person on this single Vietnam club, please share it here. You can change your name, age, and where you live if you're not comfortable. Some of them posted in Vietnamese language so we use Google to translate to English. Thank you and good luck.

Bien Xanh, Write us proof of acquaintance to go to VISA interview

Dear network administrator, to register your nick on the website is bienxanh and my husband with nick is phuocthien42. I go to this website to make friends and get to know friends everywhere including my husband now. There are also a lot of people I know on this website but just friends to share about life. Once when I was online, my husband's nick became acquainted and so we asked each other to get acquainted, talk, confide everything, we only knew through conversation that the two of us were separated from each other. Once my husband returned to Vietnam to visit his hometown, he had the opportunity to meet each other and then fell in love with each other. Now the two are married and my husband petitioned me to live with him. Because of my busy life, my husband also forgot the password for his nick on this website, so he could not find evidence that we knew each other on this website, and my husband's text messages were familiar to me. I deleted it for the first time because web-based mail meeting does not allow storing many messages, so I hope the network administrator can give me more evidence that we know each other here. I would like to send a picture of my 2 nicknames and my husband together for convenient connection by the network administrator.

Loan nguyen, I hope Tony will guide you and my wife to the consulate interview

Hello Tony Tran - founder of website Viet Dating US Let me thank you sincerely for this useful research and dating site, for helping me and my husband find each other in life, when both are shadow On July 2, 2015, I registered my profile, I went to get acquainted, ask for a phone number, so you and I talk every day, feel like and love each other, on September 2, 2015, I returned from the US to Viet. Nam visited him and his family, on September 23, 2015, he returned to the US to work, and he and I still talk every day. On August 3, 2016, he returned to Vietnam to visit me, he and I traveled to Singapore, in September, the wedding was held.In December 2016, my husband submitted a petition to ensure that the couple could reunite. I hope Tony will guide and share with my wife and my wife when I go to the polls, what information the consulate will need to know about the website that you and I get to know and get together like now. Thank you very much! I wish you good health to manage this beautiful website. And I wish the single siblings soon find their other friends on the website to find VietDating US friends! My wife and I are always sincerely grateful to you

Hue Viet, Me and my husband Viet Kieu know each other through Vietdating

Username of husband: bca, Username of wife: abc. My husband was sad at that time, lonely because of his love. And I was stressing after the marriage breakup. After that we switched to viber and continue to use viber ever since. After getting acquainted for about 2 weeks, my husband intends to seriously come to me. On March 20, 2016, I said to love you. I admit to have loved you. And we talked a lot every day for the past 2 years. Having been together for 2.5 months, on May 19, 2016, I decided to return to Hanoi to visit you after nearly 30 years I did not return to Vietnam. We went out and toured around Hanoi. At the beginning of June 2016, he had to return to America in the hearts of both of them, because the technical work that he was in charge of in the company was very busy, he could not stay in Vietnam any longer. I propose to you (on the phone). And on January 5, 2016, he returned to Vietnam. On January 6, 2017 we made Marriage registration. After the Marriage Registration, my husband and I had a small party at the restaurant, only 2 sisters and 1 of my friends attended. (About 20 people). Then my husband took me to his honeymoon in Nha Trang and took me back to his old hometown in Ninh Thuan to meet his sister's family and her brother-in-law. My husband returned to America and opened a petition to sponsor me and my children. My parents-in-law came back to Vietnam to play with me and often talked to me over the phone. October 2017 My family came back to visit me on my birthday. My wife and I have a vacation in Saigon. And here I will take you home to take the pv in total. And for more than 2 years, he regularly sent gifts and money back to his and her children. Please help me and my wife to have proof at the beginning, and to prove that your vietdating is not a marriage brokerage site, we did not have to pay you any. money to get to know and together. Once again, I want to express my deep gratitude to you! Thank you for sowing a good relationship with each other and so the husband and wife are completely happy. Wish you and your family a lot of health and peace! P / s: I would like to enclose some pictures of my husband and wife. Since you and your husband are both introverted people, we do not share private photos online. I would like you to create conditions! Hue & Viet.

Minh Ngoc, a bridge connecting me gracefully to meet my life partner

Thanks! I have found a partner that I agree with, so I first thank the website of the bridge that allows us to meet a partner so that we can turn off the lights together. Today I also ask you, any sister in the admin to please delete my profile. Unfortunately, I do not let the girls keep pitying them. Thank you once again for the establishment of this website so that marriages will become couples but the rest of the life, I sincerely wish you a lot of health to maintain this website. ..!

Nguyen v dung, Thank you Vietsingle, you know two gentle people like Bodhisattva, as beautiful as Hang Nga

Dear, I am a 46 year old unmarried man, and would like to find friends of the opposite sex to share the values of life. Although many times find wrong, it is not serious because a man has to lead him or her in the direction of Truthfulness-Compassion-Compassion-In his own way. Now, I am indebted to me for I know two gentle people like Bodhisattva, as beautiful as Hang Nga. Even if I lose, I am still happy because I sincerely text each other. Thanks to Vietdating. Thousands of thanks

Thao, Vietdating is a bridge to the happy shore

Call: Mr. Tony Tran! First of all I would like to thank you, who has visited Vietdating Web site, for giving me a chance to speak up with your own feelings! I am the youngest person and often afraid of others laughing at me, so I rarely express my complaint in front of everyone. But many new jobs have been completely changed for about 3 years, since my wife I saw a video clip of Tony Tran. He said: there is nothing we should be afraid of, fade into size ..... but have to struggle with time spent with human beings! Listen to me, I am confident, I have been recognized and become more powerful when I decided that I was signing up for a website that you visited. I don't put everything on the Web, because I know Vietdating is a bridge to the happy shore so that everyone can find their own remaining half the best way. Whether there is a good bar or not is the charge on the weight and strength of each human body. Whether I have a success in finding my partner or not, I am very happy, have faith and hope in the future. Most importantly, I am much more strong and confident in life. One more time, I would like to thank Tony for bringing joy and happiness to everyone. No one else can do this like you! All are due to the word "TAM" in you that! Wishing you and your family even more healthy, happy and more successful industries. Tran in! Thao May 08

Uyen, Open the file and need proof to go to the interview

Wish you a happy and happy new day. My name is uyen and I am currently in Vietnam. Thanks to you creating this website, on June 13, 2016, you and me, nicknamed charliexx25, got to know each other at your website. Now we are going to open our files and need proof to go to the interview and we cannot find the messages when we first met because I deleted my account and charlie forgot the password to enter the account .. Can you help us again? And how does the consulate trust my website? Can you help me please ???? . Thank you I look forward to your letter. Hello !

Brian Tran, we're going to get married and open the petition

Hello admin, First of all, I would like to thank the founder of website for creating a bridge for us to meet. I have a nickname: abc and that guy's nickname: bcd, in the near future we will organize a wedding and sponsor documents so we need some information and proof that they both know each other from the web vietdating .us, but because it's been a while, I can't find it because it was deleted automatically. I hope that the webmasters can help me get my credentials back. E. I would like to thank you!

Nguyen Hung, Thank you on the website for helping me find a girlfriend

Hello Tony / Admin Vietdating, Thank you on the website for helping me find a girlfriend, we are now getting to know each other. I want to permanently remove my Profile, nick name: xxx. Reason: I don't want to receive more friend requests, which can distract the emotions during the time we get to know each other. Looking forward to receiving feedback from Anh / Admin. Thank you very much!

Bui T Loan, Thank you for this dating website

Hi Vietdating, I found the man a few years ago, living in a foreign country, very well and I like him so much. But we broke up. So I want to reopen my file to find friends. Hope this time I will find someone who suits me better than the other. Thank you for this dating site.

Hoa Tran, I found a boyfriend after a few days of joining

Hi Tony and Vietdating, I've just registered for a few days and have found a boyfriend in America, who also lives near my state. We are in the process of getting to know each other. So I don't want to find any other friends. I would like to keep my file here. I do not upgrade in this phase anymore. If there is any good news, I will contact Vietdating. Thank you very much.
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I just joined this community because a friend of mine introduced me to it and I'm hoping I will getting my partner for life

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I registered to find a lover or soul mate online about 5 years ago right after breaking up with my first boyfriend after divorce. At that time, I felt very sad and empty, because I didn't want to know people in the distant state, wanted to find a boyfriend in the bay area, easy to travel to meet, depend on each other and if appropriate, I can go. marriage or long term cohabitation. I went to Vietnamcupid, Asiandating, eharmony, At that time, I was 30+, still received a lot of getting acquainted messages, honestly, I was less than joking. I don't like people who are separated, single or young because I don't want to get into trouble, like widows or divorced men & grown children. Maybe I have no charm, I still can't meet someone I like, some are not being honest with their ex-wife, some smoke a lot, some are stingy, others don't like to go anywhere, just stay indoors. . In the end, I was discouraged, stopped looking, and thought that if I had a chance, I would meet her as her friends advised. I just passed 34, unlike before, hoping to find friends, now I come home from work, spend my time with things I like like watching movies, reading books, cooking, growing some vegetables, or inviting kids take road trips in the covid epidemic season, arranging houses to invest and earn $ extra for young retirement. My wish now is to always be healthy, financially sound, and then retire young for a few more years, then travel to places I have always dreamed of visiting. I still open my heart, maybe someday I'll meet someone ...

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If dating is traditional or based on fate, online Vietnamese dating is simply luck. Well, we meet someone who is serious, right at the right time, the bad luck is the type that just wants to go to bed and then ends, or when we rush into endless short-term relationships, or when we meet someone with a knack. Unusual liking (including the couple on Vietnam cupid or to search for so if you're in luck, then you succeed.

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Hi, I just joined this Vietnam dating site after I read all positive reviews from singles. I hope to find a good man who can take care of me and grow old with me to 99 years old hiiiii

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Hello, these are good reviews for this Vietnamese dating service. I am impressed. I am looking for a nice foreign man or Vietnamese man who can speak English. Why do American men go to get married with young Vietnamese girls in Vietnam? I am confused. Why don't you guys date or marry a woman who is the same as your age?

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Nice and good information about this Vietnam dating site. I wish I could find a good Viet woman who can grow old with me. I am Vietnamese guy who is friendly and honest.

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Nice couples. It seems like many Vietnamese singles found their life partner from this Vietnam dating site. I wish I could find one good foreign guy from this dating website. hiiii

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