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Ngày đăng 05/19/2020

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Giới tính:
Con trai
Muốn tìm:
Con gai
Quốc gia:
United States
Tiễu bang:
Thành phố (tĩnh):
Beverly hills
Số vùng:
Câu mỡ đầu:
A good heart isn't negotiable
Nội Dung:
I will always be a die-hard romantic guy. Flowers sent when they are not expected is always a good thing.
I am usually laid back, funny and the best friend a person could ever want. I am compassionate, honest, loyal and I live my life with integrity. I am an old soul with a young heart. I can sit and talk about life with your parents or sit and talk with you and your friends about current events, music and trends. I am a very sociable person who gets along well with everyone I meet. I truly am a social chameleon and I blend well in any situation.

I am always up for whatever the day brings,I am a very upbeat person who loves what life has to offer. I would say I am a very easy going person who doesn't need or create drama. Laughter is much better don't you think? I can be happy doing most anything as long as I am with the right one. I am a simple person who enjoys life's simple pleasures. Watching the sun set, swinging on the porch. . I don't get crazy too much of the time. Perhaps just a little bit to spice things up...wink.

I'm looking for what so many people are in life...Happiness and Love...Devoted Love...Lasting Love...Undying Love...I am very adventurous in life...Loving Life is all about taking chances ...in Life and Love...I am not afraid to put it all on the line for something I believe in..
Ngoại ngữ:
Tieng Anh
Cần tìm:
Mối quan hệ
Ngoại hình
Màu mắt:
Màu xanh đậm
Màu tóc:
Màu trắng/xám
Sắc tộc:
Mỹ trắng
Hình dáng:
Trung Bình
Chiều cao:
6' 1"
Lối sống
Hút Thuốc:
Uống Rượu:
Uong chút chút
Hoàn cãnh:
Sống 1 mình
Gia đình
Hôn nhân:
Ly dị
Con cái:
Không có con
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Không muốn
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Tốt nghiệp đại học
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