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Giới tính:
Con gai
Nơi cư ngụ:
Portland, United States
Mục tiêu:
Tìm bạn tâm sự
Câu mở đầu:
looking for friendship if anything comes out of it
Người cần tìm:

I feel I am quite open minded, accepting and fully in touch with my emotional side I love meeting new people, going new places, learning new cultures and customs. One of my favorite dates is simply a walk on the beach,the beauty of the ocean,the sound of the surf the sharing of that moment with a new friend I find exhilarating. I love to do crafts and tend to be quite creative. I like classy things. I almost always have a good time. I love to dance, Slow and fast... I'm a romantic at heart, but try to be logical too. The best way to motivate me is to use logic and reasoning,i have been cheated on many times,the one that got me speechless was when i caught my fiancee with my best in bed together ,i said to myself i will not love again ,but i just grow over it and i think is time for me to move forward and find someone to settle down with and spend the rest of my life with,someone who will not cheat or be dishonest to me

you can contact me at tran_ho20012 at yahoo

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