honestylaw - United States: Tìm bạn đời lớn tuổi

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Giới tính:
Con trai
Nơi cư ngụ:
Arlington, United States
Mục tiêu:
Tìm bạn đời lớn tuổi
Đôi mắt:
Màu xanh da trời
Màu tóc:
Đầu trọc
Nguồn gốc dân tộc:
Người lai
Hút thuốc:
Uống rượu:
Uống xã giao
Trình độ văn hóa:
Tốt nghiệp Đại học
Tình trạng việc làm:
Làm vài giờ 1 ngày
Nghề nghiệp:
kỹ thuật / Khoa học / Kỹ Sư
Thu nhập:
20 - 30 triệu (tháng)
Sở thích:
Nghệ thuật, Phục vụ cộng đồng, Máy tính Mạng, Nấu ăn, Đồ thủ công, Khiêu vủ, Đi ăn họp bạn, Gia đình, Chơi game, Làm vườn, Sức khỏe Thể hình, Nghe nhạc, Ciné, Nhiếp ảnh, Chơi thể thao, Đọc sách, Xem Tivi, Xem thể thao
Câu mở đầu:
I am looking for real love
Người cần tìm:

A Little about myself , huh??? My name is james lawrence , I am a BSC holder
and degree in business administration. I am into oil and gas, crude
oil consultant and also into buying and selling of gold . I am an adventurous person
who likes travel, nature and enjoys being home..... I m the quiet
watchful, listener who will provide you with a listening ear after a
tough day and not judge or assume or tell you what to do. I am one
with nature, and could spend hours just sitting by the beach, river,
lake, ocean and stitch, read, listen to music and feel at the end of a
day that I've had an incredible day... I dont ask too much of a
person, i likes to communicate in the good or bad times, funny and
romantic, want someone close to me....I don't like lies, no matter if
the situation is bad i prefer to know the truth, i think that when
people communicates in a mature way things can be solved.I enjoy quiet
nights at home I can describe myself as a
loving,caring,honest,kind,sincere with good morals and values and have
got sense of humor,love kids alot and have lot of respect for women I
do not cheat or play games either i am just me someone who has been
through a lot of ups and downs in life and has come to the conclusion
that One should live everyday as if its gonna be your last , A fun
loving and gentle personality who believes Trust and Honesty are meant
to be the Bedrock of every relationship, I am someone who understands
the meaning of love and believes True Love can be found anywhere ... i
love to go out with my woman to the beach on weekends and give myself
a good treat of Sunbath ...an open minded person who has the fear of
God ...I am just an average man who enjoys life and likes to have a
good laugh. I will hit the nightlife once in a blue moon but prefer to
do things like meet new people, play tennis, watch football.. I will
say that I am the type of person that is what you see is what you get.

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