Looking for mrs right.....

Well a very good friend has introduced me here. I'm gonna see if everything does workout for the both of us....

orentaub11, United States

my name is orna and i am a 54 years old israeli girl,single.
i have a master degree in mathematics and i am also a chinese medicine and natural medicine therapist.
i have a lot of interest in the chinese language,culture,history and people.
i can speak some chinese.
i wish to meet a chinese guy about my age for longlasting true friendship at least online untill we will have an oppotunity to meet.
feel free to contact me:

cynthianguyen01, Placentia, United States

I am the strong, silent type. I have a unique personality and I'm confident when it comes to decision making. I have established myself as a woman with integrity, ethics and moral values. By being a woman of her word, showing my character and not just stating words. Believing in God, that men and women are meant to love and care for one another; not hurt.send me an email to cynthianguyen01@yahoo.com

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