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Ngày đăng 01/17/2015

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Con trai
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Con gai
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United States
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Tall, educated, blue-eyed gentleman
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I'm an educated self-employed businessman with degrees in BioChemistry (PreMed), Business Administration, an MBA in Economics and an MS in Exercise Physiology. I recently retired and am looking that special person to spend the rest f my life with. If you enjoy travel, dining out, music, concerts, plays, or just hanging out at home for pizza and a movie we'll get along fine.

I also enjoy the gym having spent 25 years as an exercise physiologist/personal trainer on Miami Beach as well as managing my families property on the boardwalk at the Jersey Shore. I never expected to have been spending most of my time at 2 of the hottest vacation spots in the US.
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Tieng Anh
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