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Ngày đăng 02/14/2017
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Thông tin cá nhân
Giới tính:
Con trai
Muốn tìm:
Con gai
Quốc gia:
United States
Tiễu bang:
Thành phố (tĩnh):
Grand Rapids
Số vùng:
Câu mỡ đầu:
Looking for friend and more...
Nội Dung:
I’m a Vietnamese man, a gentleman 5’9” tall, decent good looking, grooming, and somewhat attractive; 60 years young and very productive.
I reside in Grand Rapids, MI for long time since the beginning of 1980; we moved from MA after lived there for almost two years. I lost my wife in a car accident and few years later also my daughter. It’d been so long, I’m not sure what to say, and so let me tell you my site story. Hopefully you could learn about me somehow. (caohocotmpc at yahoo dot com; Six1Six, Three2Five, SixThreeSixFour, and I’ll reply right away).
We came to US on August, 1978, I worked for company call PMC and that was my first job. After almost two years, we moved to Grand Rapids, MI. We both got the teaching job at GR Public Schools, I taught for one school year at Palmer Elementary school, and went on start a business. My late wife went on teaching until the end, she taught at Central High School. I work and school at night, earned my Master in business administration and BA in computer network; it needed to run the business. I love doing business, like to meet people. I’m business oriented, people person, good communication, and punctual (It’s rued to let people waiting for nothing).
I’d been raised as a man, a gentleman, respectful, dignified. I like to show affection to my woman, kissing her; hold her hand in public, and whisper in her ear how much I appreciate her. In public or private I'm a gentleman, pull a chair, open door, helping her put on shoes...Making sure she feels beautiful as a lady, and treat her as a gentleman would. When you like/love someone you'll appreciate the goods and the not-so-goods of her, and that I'm, and sometime the “Not-so-goods” actually more attractive. In private, I could be very good lover... with the right one. She will be happy and curious, of course not in boring conventional ways, BUT this is a subject we could discuss later on in the future. Please forgive me for too straight forward, we’re all adult here, I believe the sexual attraction of partner is control of 50 to 60% of successful relationship. Just think like women are masterpieces that God creates and no men have a same view, as they said “The beauty is belonged to the beholder”. I hope you’re not offended.
I like to read, and keep up with technology, auto, business, news, politic..., watch meaningful movies, and classic movies. I'm in the side of Oldie, listen 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's music, jazz and blue. I often practice Ballroom dance, like Rumba, Tango, and Waltz…; it’s one of my favorite hobbies. Hopefully I could find someone with same interest as a dance partner.
I’m a big fan of a lady who is not into too much of her look or too much concern of other saying. I always believe "The beauty is belonged to the beholder". Her right attitude and behavior are much more attractive to me. I don’t like to impress you with something I'm not, and I would like you do the same. Thanks. (caohocotmpc at yahoo dot com; Six1Six, Three2Five, SixThreeSixFour, and I’ll reply right away).
Ngoại ngữ:
Tieng Anh, Tieng Vietnam
Cần tìm:
Mối quan hệ
Ngoại hình
Màu mắt:
Màu nâu
Màu tóc:
Màu đen
Sắc tộc:
Á đông
Hình dáng:
Trung Bình
Chiều cao:
1m75(5' 9)"
Lối sống
Hút Thuốc:
Hút Ít Thôi
Uống Rượu:
Uong chút chút
Hoàn cãnh:
Sống 1 mình
Xã hội:
Thích ỡ nhà
Xem phim:
Tin tức, Kinh dị, Phim, Tài liệu
Gia đình
Hôn nhân:
Ỡ góa
Con cái:
Không có con
Muốn Có Con:
Không biết
Sự Nghiệp
Học vấn:
Tiến sĩ
Nghề nghiệp:
Có cơ sỡ riêng
Việc làm:
Buôn bán/ Thị trường
Thu nhập:
10 - 15 triệu (tháng)
Cá nhân
Tôn giáo:
Đạo phật
Đi lể:
Ít lắm
Quan điểm chính trị:
Xin cho biết
Tính tình:
Thân thiện, Thông minh, Chanh chua
Sỡ thích:
Cộng đồng, Nhãy đầm, Ăn tối, Gia đình, Xem phim, Nghe nhạc, Chụp hình, Đọc sách, Vi tính và mạng, Truyền hình
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