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Con trai
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Los Angeles, United States
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Màu đen
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Màu đen
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Cữ nhân
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Kind Heart
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Hi There. I hope you are having a great day. I like what I read from your summary. Would you be interested in reading my profile and letting me know if you would like to exchange more info about each other?

I want to do so much everyday that It looks fun, simple and easy. I am well traveled, well spoken, and totally eclectic. Creative, passionate, Professionally successful and self sufficient. My passion is new places and good company. Charming, Stylish but keep a strong thirst for knowledge. I want someone who can handle a very focused man and will also not confuse kindness for weakness because a hearts attached. I have an appreciation for languages, culture, the arts. I’m someone who enjoys ethnic food, I am man who is successful in what i do and I enjoy my work so much . I love the fight more than the win. I am someone who enjoys creative people and hope you can put up with my occasional insane creative spurts. So if you're still reading - It's the little things in life that turn my head. I believe in giving and treating others as I would want to be treated. I want to meet someone who I can communicate with, respect and be a best friend and companion with. Someone with a sense of humor and doesn't take life too seriously. My ideal match is just a unique girl that's fun and has a passion for life. Respect and tolerance of others. Simply said, a nice smile and a kind heart is my weakness :).

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