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Con trai
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New York, United States
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Tìm bạn đồng tính
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Friendship is love and love is life
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A great meaning for me is a human's soul , I thrive on stability and romance i am a cheerful, faithful, studious, quiet, tender, kind, sincere and home-loving man. I like to travel. I like the Christian spiritual life.I like the literature, music, and cinema I am a very interesting person. I love being outdoors, going out with friends, having a nice dinner with my family/friends, and just cuddling while watching TV. I love kids and animals , i am just looking to be happy with one woman that can be part of me and enjoy the best that life can offer with her i consider myself, sweet, romantic, caring,loving, attentive, affectionate, understanding, forgiving and lets not forget kinda sexy, thanks for reading my honesty I'm just looking to be happy with one woman, I thrive on stability and romance and I don't look to play a blame game,I know when I am wrong about something and have no problem apologizing when i am wrong, i just want someone who can be the same as I am ,... I know how to love and to show it all the time.. I give a lot more then I take, its my nature but have sadly only found woman that take.. i play fair and believe in being honest and open at all times, i don't live by a double standard and only ask the same.. she should know how to let something go and not throw it in my face for the rest of my life, lol...Keep it fair and keep it real, that's all I ask.. No more games,if you not looking for someone to build something with then please,I'm too old for games, i prefer being with one person and sharing all that life has to offer with her, Thank you for reading my honesty...

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