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Con gai
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Tìm bạn đồng tính
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Asian looking woman
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I am a renaissance man; I can cook you a gourmet meal, cut your grass, write you a poem, sing you a romantic song, fix an electrical problem, read a few books at the same time, have a intellectual conversation about multiple topics, etc. I have many interests and continue to learn about other things as well. I am comfortable in jeans as well as my tuxedo. Yes, I do have a tux. I like to go to museums, theater, concerts, arts festivals, etc. I also love to relax by the pool or the ocean. I am in touch with my feelings, but don't let them control my life. no baggage, just the desire to find someone without much baggage. I am witty, intelligent, caring, loving, patient, honest, and trustworthy, and handsome.

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