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United States
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Looking for my better half
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My name is Tuan. I am new to this website and totally new to online dating. I am Originally from Vietnam but grew up America. That being the case, my first language is English but I speak little of Vietnam with the aid of a google translator.

I am actually a very fun loving person. I am serious in finding a life partner and want to be clear about what I want in my life partner. This is why I am being detailed and to the point. Because I'm not here for games and would not want any unserious person to play games.

I am looking for the right traditional Vietnamese lady for me to have a serious relationship with. If we are compatible, which I feel we would be. But we have to be compatible in personality, values and what we want in a future life together.

About me: I am kind hearted. I care about all people regardless of race or economic standard. I am a responsible man with a stable job. I work with shell oil. I have been with them for over 12 years as their director of operations. I own my house and cars and have no debt. I love having financial freedom. I enjoy traveling, but i dont have a partner to do so with. I do work hard for what I have earned and the level I have attained. People tell me my best quality is my funny personality. Some say I am handsome/cute but I will let you be the judge of that ;).

I pray to find a good, respectful and hardworking Vietnamese woman that will take care of my heart, body and soul. I want a lady that is humorous, can have fun and laugh with me. I joke around a lot like and trying to please people and put a smile on the face of the saddened and upressed.

I do not want a woman that will love me for material things, my money or my asset. Love me for who.i am and not what I am because all what I have also belongs to my partner. I know how to treat my woman right. I know my responsibility as a man. I DO want a woman that will love me for my heart, work ethic and how I will love her with all my heart. If she will devote and cherish only me, I will devote and cherish her for the rest of my life.

Some ladies with children have contacted me, but if the chemistry is not there, being single or having children doesn't matter , what really matter is true love. I love children and I will take responsibility to father any child that belongs to my partner. I will that child like my own flesh and blood. I have just one daughter and she means the world to me. She's 11.

I would prefer you have a clear picture of your face because attraction Is the first step taken to start a conversation. Let's be honest, the first thing we are attracted to is how the other person looks. If you say you don't care about looks at first sight, you are not being honest. I want to start with a friendship and if we are compatible, then we can try to develop a serious relationship.

Work takes a lot of my time (I work in shell oil company) and I travel a lot for contracts overseas. I don't work for me. I work so I can have a comfortable life with my lady and the kids and my loyal heart will always be with her when I am away for work. In other words, I dont cheat. I am a one womans man . If you are a cheater or cannot appreciate a loyal, hard working man then you should look elsewhere.

It is an addition if my partner would love to watch football with me. GEAUX TIGERS!!! LSU!!! I also like to watch other sports too but (American) football is my thing. I like going to karaoke from time to time on special occasions with my partner. But I am more of a home guy and much rather enjoy BBQ'ing, cooking other delicacies for my lady and spending time snuggling with my lady around my house. I expect my lady to take care of me in the same way.

I cherish and respect a hard working woman and also a woman that is willing to contribute with more than just her physical beauty. A woman that wants the house and yard to be beautiful should take part in making it look beautiful. Not so much in physical labor outside the house but at least be present when the work is done and give your opinion on what she likes.
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Tieng Vietnam, Tieng Anh
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Màu nâu
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Màu đen
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Mỹ trắng
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Trung Bình
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1m68(5' 6)"
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Ỡ góa
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Thân thiện
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Sức khõe và thể dục, Du lịch, Nghe nhạc
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