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Firstly, to save you time: If you already have children, if you are older than about 35 (biology, alas), if you don't want children, if you are / were male, I'm very sorry but that's not what I want.

OK, starting with the more factual stuff: I was born in England but have lived in Australia for about 15 years, Asia for 5 years, and have visited about 20 countries. Right now I'm in SE Asia and should be able to stay here at least until 2019, maybe longer. However I'd prefer to live in Australia.

I studied engineering, computing and electronics and have worked all my life with computers, usually as a contractor or consultant, designing and developing systems and software. I'm very honest, direct, loyal and sincere. Also friendly, kind, considerate, thoughtful, sensitive and a little intellectual / philosophical. I'm both idealistic and practical, which seems to give me an unusual outlook on life. I try to make myself see the truth, even if it's difficult to face. Of course I'm far from perfect, I know that. But I do think I'm free of the traits that cause the most trouble and pain in relationships.

Apart from all the usual things that almost everyone lists, I read a lot, I like science, technology, health, fitness, nature and outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing, ice & roller skating, scuba-diving, swimming, wind-surfing, etc. I like good coffee and tea, red wine and English (bitter) beer, but I only drink a little, and not often.

I try to look after my body and have exercised throughout my life to try to stay slim and fit. I really hate smoking, superstition (including religion), astrology, new-age beliefs and all the rest of the nonsense that people believe in, plus the irrational and magical thinking that allows this. These things are not good, not even neutral, they're extremely harmful to us all. You can see this very easily once you start to look for it, and nowadays it's become much worse via social media and vested business, political and religious interests.

I also hate dishonesty, deceit, selfishness, greed, arrogance, irresponsible / irrational / anti-social behaviour and rudeness. I think gambling and drugs are stupid and find most spectator sports boring. I'd rather do things myself than watch other people do them.

I'm not here looking for friends or casual relationships. I just hope I might meet Ms Right. She is not easy to find, I've given up a lot to search for her and recently that's made my life very hard. I've never been married because it's very difficult to find someone I can really talk to. That's the most important thing for me, and apparently the most difficult to find. In Asia it's easy to make friends and some aspects of the culture make it easier to find the right kind of person. Unfortunately other things make it much harder. And in Western countries, it's different, but no easier.

I think that language, culture and distance make it difficult to start and continue a relationship, but "difficult" is not "impossible", so to me these are temporary problems. I'm a private person and do not want to have information about me online, especially private information. But unfortunately to use a site like this I think I have no choice. So I would not normally say things like this, but...

If you are the right person for me, I'll never leave you. I'll love you as much as any person can. I'll walk at your side, through bad as well as good, for the rest of my life. And yes, I know, many men will lie, saying similar or nicer things just to get what they want. You know what I mean. But I really despise that type of person and I am not like them. What I say is true. I'm sincere. I mean it. I can promise. It's what I want. Everything here is true and accurate.

Ideally I'd like to meet an intelligent, educated, rational, non-religious, non-superstitious, non-smoking, honest, sincere, loyal and gentle Asian lady with some similar interests, not taller than me, slim or very slim, not unattractive, ideally single, but perhaps divorced or widowed. I'm looking for a lifetime partner who I can talk with about and share anything and everything, who will be my best friend and lover "forever". I'm not interested in short-term or casual relationships. If I could find the right person I would like to marry or live together permanently and probably try for a small family. If you happen to know Chinese, this is what I want - it may tell you something about me: 執子之手 與子偕老

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