PureHeart - United States: Tìm người yêu

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Giới tính:
Con gai
Nơi cư ngụ:
Fresno, United States
Mục tiêu:
Tìm người yêu
Đôi mắt:
Màu đen
Màu tóc:
Màu đen
Nguồn gốc dân tộc:
Người châu á
Hút thuốc:
Uống rượu:
Uống xã giao
Trình độ văn hóa:
Tốt nghiệp Đại học
Tình trạng việc làm:
Làm suốt ngày
Nghề nghiệp:
kỹ thuật / Khoa học / Kỹ Sư
Thu nhập:
30 - 40 triệu (tháng)
Sở thích:
Xem thể thao, Tôn giáo, Đọc sách, Chơi thể thao, Nhiếp ảnh, Ciné, Nghe nhạc, Làm vườn, Chơi game, Đi ăn họp bạn, Khiêu vủ, Đồ thủ công, Nấu ăn, Nghệ thuật
Câu mở đầu:
Want to share love and life with a pure good heart man
Người cần tìm:

If Anh is a good man who have a pure good heart, em would like to see if friendship along with time can lead both of our pure hearts to find out if we are meant for each other for life so please message em to find out....Em believe that the inner soul of a person, or the inner heart of a person is what really important to truly can tell about a person.... and not their outer appearance and so that was why em DON'T POST MY PICTURE on Vietdating because em is being selective that the man who come to like em's personality will contact em ....and he don't need a pretty picture to contact em but em will exchange a picture of em once we become friend....Em know there is no picture of em for Anh to see what em visually look like to Anh....but don't be overly worry that em might be not attractive because em can self described myself as cute and pretty enough so that Anh won't run the other away when Anh see em for the very first time... hahaha. Em wish to meet a mature Asian/Vietnamese man 36-46 of age who speak Vietnamese+English, who is faithful, calm, honest, romantic, cheerful, mild manner, believe in God and have some common with em ...and if we prove to be compatible then our friendship can lead to whatever in the future....Anh can get to know em a little by knowing that em is a God fearing person therefore em is caring, forgiving and kindhearted. Em is sweet with a soft voice, romantic and easy going to be with... Em have a feminine personality and a face and outer physical stature that most people has told em that em look like a model wanabe hehehe........ Em's favorite likes are waching new release movies, listen to English/Vietnamese music because em is also fluent in the Vietnamese language, the beach, read novels/magazines, em love to cook, em like to cook formal dinner entertainment for friends and family, attend music concert and travel. Em like working out and exercise a lot so em is athletic, fit and outdoorsy person because em bike, hike, camp, gardening and snorkel. Em migrate to the USA a long time ago so em is independently successful in life and employment. Em's life is pretty set now but em still need to find a Vietnamese man with a pure good heart to share my life with and em hope that Vietdating can help em to find that man who will become the love of em's life forever... If Anh is that man with a pure heart who want a serious relationship then please let em know ok....... Have a good happy day Anh...

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