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Ngày đăng 10/14/2013

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Giới tính:
Con trai
Muốn tìm:
Con gai
Quốc gia:
United States
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West palm beach
Câu mỡ đầu:
True love
Nội Dung:
.Am totally new to this online dating stuff .Anyway,am a single soul seeking a faithful and fruitful relationship with A TRUE soul mate.I am a divorce with boy 3 year ago, I never had any luck since I started thinking of quitting very soon being unable to meet up my expectation. It is very hard finding a true soul mate these days without falling in the hands of those that want to play.I have not dedicated much time for it but i believe this would be one of the greatest opportunity for me and if you wish to further on we can keep corresponding through email exchange I love the out doors, I like bike riding, walks on the beach( I live not too far from the beach) I'm often there to watch the sunset..Many others are out there, I would love to share that with a special someone.love to cook but I also like to dine out. When I do cook in I like to share it with someone, throw in a DVD and just enjoy the company. I like to traveling 'am I for real? This time I don't want any Game or adventures
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