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Giới tính:
Con trai
Nơi cư ngụ:
Tampa, United States
Mục tiêu:
Tìm bạn đồng tính
Câu mở đầu:
Looking for you my best friend
Người cần tìm:

I am romantic (IMO), loyal, honest, caring, giving, affectionate, open and definitely someone perfect to bring home to mom. I am a guy that loves holding a door open for a lady. I will carry the groceries and hold your hand walking down stairs, especially if you're in heels. My mother taught me to respect a lady, treat her like she should be treated. I am a little old fashioned. I hope that's a good thing for you. I am very easygoing, so there's no drama here. I own my own place, financially stable and carry no outstanding debt. I have a great job, that's tough sometimes, but it's rewarding. I am fortunate so that money need not be the #1 concern in my life (maybe #2 or 3 lol). #1 is happiness and health, balance in my life and my love for my family and friends. My friends say I am the most patient and level headed person they know. But that doesn't mean I can't still be spontaneous and silly at times, right? Gosh! Like, say we both happen to have the day off or two, I'd love to get away somewhere fun. Actually, anywhere would be fun, if it includes YOU! I can be very passionate about movies and certain tv shows that I fall in love with. I love going to movies, maybe it's that escapist in me, for just a few hours I can pretend to be someone else. Maybe become an actor one day? Most recent ones I have seen are The Martian and Spectre. All of them were truly amazing, I'd love to take you to one. Care to join me? I love to travel! I have been to many places but would still love to see some other more places. Maybe with you! I'd love to visit Italy, Greece, Japan, Hong Kong, England and Dubai again. (just to name a few) Thanks for reading and if you think we'd make a good match and partner in crime, let me hear from you!

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