Vietnamese Women Are Feminine, Gentle and Wonderful

Vietnamese women are very feminine, gentle and wonderful. No doubt about that. There are four types of women in Vietnam from four regions of North, Central, South and West of Vietnam. The woman in each region is slightly different. Generally speaking, Vietnamese women are beautiful, charming, family oriented and submissive.

Vietnamese women who live in Vietnam

Vietnamese woman
Vietnamese woman

There are different levels of Vietnamese women. Rich women will choose high educated men who have good job while poor girls have no choice to get married with any ugly or old foreign man. In the last decades, there are many Chinese, Taiwanese or Korean men come to Vietnam for brides. Most of these guys are farmers in their country that they couldn’t afford to marry local women so they come to Vietnam for brides. Beautiful poor girls have no choice to get married with ugly old guys because they need money to help their family. That’s so sad. However, rich or high educated girls in Vietnam will choose the man whom they love. This is what this Vietnamese dating site created to help Vietnam singles find and meet each other for love and marriage.

Vietnamese women who live in the West

Vietnamese woman in US
Vietnamese woman in US

These women migrated to the US, Canada, Australia, Germany, UK, France and other western countries with their family and some of them were oversea too. Many of them don’t even speak Vietnamese so they speak English fluently as native people. They are picky, to tell you the truth. Most of them have good job and can take care of themselves so they are looking for a trustworthy and gentle man that they love. When you’re searching for single Vietnamese women oversea, then you will have a tough time of getting a response from them. I saw many of single men on Vietnamese dating site tried to send messages to women overseas, they don’t get as many replies as compared to when they send messages to local single women in Vietnam. So, gentlemen, if you’re interested in a young beautiful women, then you should open your choice to Vietnam.

Why are Vietnamese women beautiful?

The culture and geography of Vietnam make these women beautiful and attractive. Usually 8 out of 10 women are charming and stunning. Vietnam was influenced by both Chinese, France and American culture so the way they look, act, and talk are mixed between these cultures. Vietnamese women are somewhat similar to East Asian looks and Southeast Asian looks which make them unique that can’t be found in other parts of the world.

Vietnamese women for dating and marriage

Vietnamese woman
Vietnamese woman

Gentlemen, many people think that with a beautiful face, big eyes, a slightly western nose, sunny smile, long black hair, a small figure is beautiful, as if the beauty is beautiful! Anyone can choose the woman to go through with his life. You should know that beauty does not follow any pattern, you are beautiful when you are satisfied with yourself, you are ready to be proud of your confidence in the crowd, you have to be yourself. Take your time, live a little slower, love yourself more, so you can love other people.

So gentlemen? Which type of women will you choose? I don’t like to hear the word “a beautiful wife is someone’s wife”.

Come on guys, be confident, you must choose the person you love to live happily.

Dear guys, as long as you choose the woman you love, you can easily do anything for her, making her happy. Human life on earth has a 50% decision to be women. Beauty does not have itself, but it is present in the mind, in the eyes of those who love it. Everyone feels the beauty differently, maybe you see her beautiful, but I don’t feel her pretty. The truth is, 100% of men like beautiful and attractive women.

A beautiful woman has a beautiful appearance and a beautiful soul. Good looks, you love to look absorbed, and help you to sublimate. Having a beautiful soul will pass sympathy for others, to help life, and help others. Anyway, women with good looks, always important in every field, more successful, more sympathetic, and it’s easy to make men’s hearts flutter.

Beside the beauty, Vietnamese women are friendly and hospitable. Today, life has changed to be faster so do women in Vietnam. This has made the girls strive to constantly strive. Contacting them, you will see exuding intelligence, agility, sophistication and very active in communication.

With white-like-yellow skin, gentle, luxurious, noble, especially sweet and mellow voice, bringing you to many different levels of emotions. Their dress is very well-groomed, fashion combines Western and sometimes slightly sexy, causing a good feeling for you. Personal perfection and dedication to a better society did not make them forget their family responsibilities. My good friend said: he was taken care of every meal, sleep, even a wonderful bed. She also brought towels and bathing suit to prepare him to bathe.

Actually I think, with today’s social living standards, when people are fully material, spirit will flourish. Every Asian wife takes good care of her family. Vietnamese women’s voice is as sweet as a chocolate bar. The investment in trying to learn constantly has helped her to advance in her career no less than men. Her husband’s success always had the figure of her behind her support.

If the men in Vietnam dating site Vietsingle want to get to know a Vietnamese woman, then be careful, manly, smart is her choice. Is it true that the urban lifestyle, the pressure in the flow of life have created their personality? All women want that, right? Money is also good, very manly, intelligent, humorous, altruistic men are a necessary and sufficient condition to build a stable family.

Vietnamese women are beautiful in physical appearance and personality. It is a quality that has been deeply rooted in the tradition from generation to generation.

Of course there are many charming women in Asia but the beauty of Vietnam women can’t be denied, right?

So which kind of woman is the most beautiful in your eyes? Let’s argue, I really like your feedback. If I has forgotten any details, please contribute.


  • Ngoc Mi

    Hello my friend Ngoc mi lives in Vietnam.. I am 34 years old this year, I am divorced from my husband, currently a single mother, my hometown is in Da Nang..I need a serious relationship.
    Height 1m58
    Weighs 47kg
    Career makeup freelance actor.
    Hobbies: listening to music and watching movies
    Phone +8438070700

  • Vietnamese dating

    Vietnamese dating sites are convenient way to find and meet single women in Vietnam or in the west. However, Marrying a Western husband, I thought it would be as happy as the queen because of her husband, few patriarchs, but in reality the sisters faced numerous other barriers and difficulties.

    Many Vietnamese women now want to marry foreign men, there’s nothing wrong with this. Western men, thanks to a culture of respect for women, mostly have the habit of listening to their partners, sharing housework, raising children, and few patriarchs …

    Marriage between a Vietnamese wife and a Western husband, most of the couples I know are very satisfied with their choice. The Vietnamese girls who are capable of cultivating their families, being humble, discreet, gentle … are highly appreciated in the context of Western men more or less tired with the downside of excesses of freedom and equality. gender.

    But that doesn’t mean there are no failed and broken couples. The main cause, unfortunately, is often due to cultural differences.

    Stumbled into the language barrier

    The language barrier is a challenge to overcome. Vietnamese and Vietnamese couples sometimes do not understand each other, so not fully expressing what they want to say in a language other than their native language, or the rich limitation in expression is also a big problem.

  • Jessica

    Come on guys, Vietnamese women take good care of their husbands so these men are lazier.
    Loving your husband is one thing, but taking excessive care of your husband is another. Doing everything for her husband also makes him think that his wife does not really trust him.

    If a woman’s instinct is to sacrifice, then they should give the greatest love and pamper to themselves first!

    Don’t let your husband do anything

    Many wives are obsessed with their husbands ruining their jobs or that their husbands just say they do not know, they immediately offer to do so. In fact, doing so is depriving her husband of opportunities to learn and train. When you do too much for him, your husband will develop the thought of being dependent and reliant and will not know how to do it if his wife is not present.

    Always being the one handling things means you’re downplaying your husband’s role in the family. If you really care about him, you can choose a different expression instead of deciding everything for your loved one. Regularly setting aside his ideas can also make the husband think that he is not good enough, not smart enough, so the wife must always think for it and handle it instead.

    Ignore all mistakes

    Putting aside your husband’s mistakes does not show your generosity, but only makes your husband “habit”, and at the same time does not draw experiences for himself. While you don’t have to crush your husband or have a heated argument, you also need to hold him accountable and learn from his mistakes.

    That’s what I think. Don’t do everything for him girlz.

  • Henry Trung

    My name is Henry Trung . I am 58 years old. I’m from Vietnam but i was born and raised in Sweden but i live here now in USA. I’m a divorced Swedish woman. I live with my kid, one son. I am interior design . I like to fine a good Vietnam woman to spend the rest of my life with. Her doesn’t have to be rich but be honest and faithful in love and marriage. I am looking for an older woman with gentle personality who can grow old with me to the rest of life.

  • John Francis

    I’m an marine engineer,I am currently working here in the gulf of Mexico and am from new jersey USA and am 59 years old and I am looking for a simply and honest Vietnamese woman to spend the rest of my life with

  • Michael

    Hi my name is Nancy .I am 50 years old. I live in San Jose . I am Citizens . I was divorced. I am looking a man to be honest, respect, loving, caring,the rest of my life

  • Lee Kiran

    I’m a simple person who enjoy simple things like going to see a movie, hanging out with friends and reading . What annoys me most is dishonesty and tardiness. I’m here, hoping to find someone to spend the rest of my life with, I know I am ready to settle down, build myself a family with love and understanding.

  • Hue Nguyen

    My name is Hue. I’m 34 years old. I’m in Vinh long, i’m an ordinary citizen of VietNam. I had a daughter 12 year old, currently raised by me ,I was divorced , I was a worker for a seafood company.I hope to meet the serious man.I can speak some English language. Thank you very much for your interest in taking the time to read my information

  • Jenny le

    I am Jennifer 30yrs old single never married .. I am a kind and cheerful girl. I have goals in this life and I try to use the most of my skills and strengths to achieve the desired results. I am calm, but at the same time very active. I like to learn everything new and interesting, so I am always ready for self-development. In my life there are many difficulties and problems, but I always face them with a smile every day and try to look at the world optimistically, as it significantly raises the vitality and helps me to cope with any situation.. I am looking for a real trust and honest man for something serious

  • Annabelle

    Hello dear. Am Annabelle by name. I decided to drop a note to let you know that i am really interested in you for serious long term relationship. Please i will like you to contact me through this my email address so that i can send you my photos and tell you more about myself. Here is my email Address bellow: ( ) . Hope to hear from you
    Yours Love

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