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Why Are Vietnamese Women Skinnier Than American Women?

Have you ever thought about the ways how Vietnam women are often skinnier than American women? Many people like to assume that it’s a stereotype but the truth is that it is often easier for men to find skinnier women. You might be interested in seeing just why so many Vietnamese women are skinnier than American women. It’s a big part of dating that adds to what you might see out of a woman.

Vietnam woman vs American woman

Vietnam woman vs American woman

One of the biggest reasons why Vietnamese women are skinnier comes from the way how these women are often exposed to healthier foods. Foods throughout Viet Nam are known for being healthier and less fattening than what you’d see out of the western world. Therefore, it is only sensible that women and even men around Vietnam are as slim as they are.

The interesting thing about what goes on with Vietnamese women is that they are less likely to be exposed to harmful processed foods or assorted forms of junk. While it is true that the eastern world has become heavily influenced by harmful foods and processed items in recent years, the attitudes that come with Vietnam with regards to food consumption have not really changed over the last few years.

Another reason for this is that Vietnamese women tend to be healthier due to the ways how women are more likely to focus on healthy behaviors and activities. They tend to enjoy relaxing and meditative exercises while also focusing on a more positive way for treating the body. Part of this involves controlling one’s mood by clearing out old attitudes that might end up harming one’s mind.

In fact, the low levels of intensity that come with these exercises is made to make it easier for women to lose weight after a while. Part of this comes from how these women are going to be less likely to suffer from serious problems relating to insulin use and other considerations. It’s a big point that might influence what goes on when the body changes.

It’s believed that genetics may also play a role in why Vietnamese women are so skinny. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that a woman will have a better chance with staying thin without any effort. She still has to live with a healthy lifestyle if she wants to keep her body comfortable.

How does this happen in a woman’s body? It could be from a high metabolic rate or just her body frame not being as wide as someone else’s. Either way, it is an interesting thing that just shows what happens to women after a while. There’s always the potential for an Vietnamese woman to be more likely to stick with a healthier body after an extended period of time.

These are interesting reason why it’s easier to find skinny Vietnamese women than it is for you to find skinny American women. It’s a part of finding women that proves that it might be easier for you to find someone who is a little more interesting.

Single Women in Vietnam Marry Vietnamese American

There are thousands of single Women in Viet Nam looking to marry Vietnamese American men through Viet Kieu Dating sites but they don’t know how the lifestyle in US is. This article will help them to know the truth about life in USA. My name is Tony. I have been in the United States of America for a long time so I am writing this article to help Vietnamese women in Vietnam to know something about this country. The country that people called “dream land”.

Is America a dream land?

Viet Kieu dating

USA is not a dream land. I will call it an opportunity land, to be exact. Life in this country is too high. In other words, people work too hard to support for themselves and their family. There are some very expensive area that people feel painful and miserable to live in, like New York, Northern Virginia, San Diego, Washington DC, and etc. If you and your spouse make less than $3,000 a year, then you two can’t take care of a family with two kids in these areas. An average house with 1,500 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, build less than 20 years, may cost about $300,000 to $500,000. You have to work at least a few years to save 20% for the down payment for this house and pay it off in either 15 or 30 years. Some people can’t afford to buy a house in these areas. The salary of a low worker (cleaning, cashier, etc.) is between $1,200 to $1,800. You can calculate how much you can save a month. It is not much. If you have two kids, then you have to spend the babysit money and their food, clothes, etc. Of course, you don’t worry about their school’s cost. From kinder garden to 12th grade, students are 100% free. The parents don’t have to spend any money for their children, like tuition, books. The government supports for them at 100%.

In Vietnam, one does not make as much money as in the US, but they at least don’t have to pay for the home mortgage and other things. America life is too high. If you plan on getting married with a Vietkieu my, then this article can help you learn something about life in America. I have been there and done that. So, I know exactly.

In conclusion, this country, the United States of America is excellent for children to get educated and build a bright future. However, you have to work hard to support yourself and your family. So, be prepared for this in mind. You have to work to make money. This is not a dream land, but an opportunity land. If you work hard, then you are ok on this nation.

Does this article help you? If you are still looking for a Viet Kieu My, then take action to find him at our free Viet Kieu Dating website.

Vietnam Women and Vietnamese Girls with American Men

The primary reason that Viet single women get married with American men is because they are treated in a better manner. This is absolutely right because American guys pay more attention to the Western culture, such as giving flowers to girls they like, buying presents to women, and others. Girls usually like such things so they fall for that. However, the inside of loving is almost the same when comparing between Vietnamese men and American men. Viet guys love their wives not from outside but inside. You do not see a Vietnamese man open the car’s door for his wife does not mean that they do not love their wives. An American guy always opens the car’s door for his wife. Most women loves this outside’s attitude.

Vietnamese lady

Vietnamese lady

Vietnam single girls like American men is because they can learn English better. The way they communicate with each other every day. Of course, she learns in a faster way when talking to her husband every day. Her English will be improving faster including reading, writing, and speaking. That is right. When you speak just one language at the time, you will speak better than a personal who speaks two languages at the time. Viet women also like to get married with American guys is because they are strong. Of course, most American men are bigger and taller than Vietnamese men. In fact, most women like strong men so they feel safer when walking behind their men. There is nothing wrong about this.

Vietnamese girls and women are about 5 feet 3 inches on average, American men are taller than their wives a lot. However, they look great to each other. Short girls can wear high hills, certainly. On average, most couples between a Viet lady and an American man look wonderful because the guy is always taller than the girl a lot. When a Vietnam girl walking with American man, she feels proud of herself and feels safe. When you walk behind a strong tall guy, you will feel safer, of course. I met with some couples in school. Most single American men who get married with Viet women are gentle. They are too gentle that sometimes I think Vietnamese women will take control of their husbands. Because of his gentleman, Vietnam women love that.

Most single Vietnam women who got married with American men have beautiful children. The two types of blood are combined resulting pretty children of half Vietnamese and American. I saw too many interracial couples walking on street or at shopping center, I just want to look at their children. They look so pretty. However, how did these interracial couples find each other? Vietsingle dating service is the place to find Vietnam singles and American singles. In fact, looking for Vietnamese single women and American men is easy and common these days at Viet singles dating services. You can join for free, search for free, and interact with all Vietnamese singles for free. You should take an action today to find beautiful single Viet women or American men at no cost.

Vietnamese Women Are Feminine, Gentle and Wonderful

Vietnamese women are very feminine, gentle and wonderful. No doubt about that. There are four types of women in Vietnam from four regions of North, Central, South and West of Vietnam. The woman in each region is slightly different. Generally speaking, Vietnamese women are beautiful, charming, family oriented and submissive.

Vietnamese women who live in Vietnam

Vietnamese woman
Vietnamese woman

There are different levels of Vietnamese women. Rich women will choose high educated men who have good job while poor girls have no choice to get married with any ugly or old foreign man. In the last decades, there are many Chinese, Taiwanese or Korean men come to Vietnam for brides. Most of these guys are farmers in their country that they couldn’t afford to marry local women so they come to Vietnam for brides. Beautiful poor girls have no choice to get married with ugly old guys because they need money to help their family. That’s so sad. However, rich or high educated girls in Vietnam will choose the man whom they love. This is what this Vietnamese dating site created to help Vietnam singles find and meet each other for love and marriage.

Vietnamese women who live in the West

Vietnamese woman in US
Vietnamese woman in US

These women migrated to the US, Canada, Australia, Germany, UK, France and other western countries with their family and some of them were oversea too. Many of them don’t even speak Vietnamese so they speak English fluently as native people. They are picky, to tell you the truth. Most of them have good job and can take care of themselves so they are looking for a trustworthy and gentle man that they love. When you’re searching for single Vietnamese women oversea, then you will have a tough time of getting a response from them. I saw many of single men on Vietnamese dating site tried to send messages to women overseas, they don’t get as many replies as compared to when they send messages to local single women in Vietnam. So, gentlemen, if you’re interested in a young beautiful women, then you should open your choice to Vietnam.

Why are Vietnamese women beautiful?

The culture and geography of Vietnam make these women beautiful and attractive. Usually 8 out of 10 women are charming and stunning. Vietnam was influenced by both Chinese, France and American culture so the way they look, act, and talk are mixed between these cultures. Vietnamese women are somewhat similar to East Asian looks and Southeast Asian looks which make them unique that can’t be found in other parts of the world.

Vietnamese women for dating and marriage

Vietnamese woman
Vietnamese woman

Gentlemen, many people think that with a beautiful face, big eyes, a slightly western nose, sunny smile, long black hair, a small figure is beautiful, as if the beauty is beautiful! Anyone can choose the woman to go through with his life. You should know that beauty does not follow any pattern, you are beautiful when you are satisfied with yourself, you are ready to be proud of your confidence in the crowd, you have to be yourself. Take your time, live a little slower, love yourself more, so you can love other people.

So gentlemen? Which type of women will you choose? I don’t like to hear the word “a beautiful wife is someone’s wife”.

Come on guys, be confident, you must choose the person you love to live happily.

Dear guys, as long as you choose the woman you love, you can easily do anything for her, making her happy. Human life on earth has a 50% decision to be women. Beauty does not have itself, but it is present in the mind, in the eyes of those who love it. Everyone feels the beauty differently, maybe you see her beautiful, but I don’t feel her pretty. The truth is, 100% of men like beautiful and attractive women.

A beautiful woman has a beautiful appearance and a beautiful soul. Good looks, you love to look absorbed, and help you to sublimate. Having a beautiful soul will pass sympathy for others, to help life, and help others. Anyway, women with good looks, always important in every field, more successful, more sympathetic, and it’s easy to make men’s hearts flutter.

Beside the beauty, Vietnamese women are friendly and hospitable. Today, life has changed to be faster so do women in Vietnam. This has made the girls strive to constantly strive. Contacting them, you will see exuding intelligence, agility, sophistication and very active in communication.

With white-like-yellow skin, gentle, luxurious, noble, especially sweet and mellow voice, bringing you to many different levels of emotions. Their dress is very well-groomed, fashion combines Western and sometimes slightly sexy, causing a good feeling for you. Personal perfection and dedication to a better society did not make them forget their family responsibilities. My good friend said: he was taken care of every meal, sleep, even a wonderful bed. She also brought towels and bathing suit to prepare him to bathe.

Actually I think, with today’s social living standards, when people are fully material, spirit will flourish. Every Asian wife takes good care of her family. Vietnamese women’s voice is as sweet as a chocolate bar. The investment in trying to learn constantly has helped her to advance in her career no less than men. Her husband’s success always had the figure of her behind her support.

If the men in Vietnam dating site Vietsingle want to get to know a Vietnamese woman, then be careful, manly, smart is her choice. Is it true that the urban lifestyle, the pressure in the flow of life have created their personality? All women want that, right? Money is also good, very manly, intelligent, humorous, altruistic men are a necessary and sufficient condition to build a stable family.

Vietnamese women are beautiful in physical appearance and personality. It is a quality that has been deeply rooted in the tradition from generation to generation.

Of course there are many charming women in Asia but the beauty of Vietnam women can’t be denied, right?

So which kind of woman is the most beautiful in your eyes? Let’s argue, I really like your feedback. If I has forgotten any details, please contribute.

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Why are Western men marrying Vietnamese women?

Some years ago I met an American guy at Narita, Japan airport. He asked me “can you introduce me a woman in Vietnam?” which I was surprised. We were on same plane to go to Tan Son Nhat’s airport. So I replied, “Why a Vietnamese woman, but not Chinese or Thai woman?”. He said he had a wine business at the 1st district in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh) city and he traveled back and forth a few times a year. He love Vietnamese culture and the Vietnamese woman but he didn’t know how to get a woman in this country. So he asked me to connect him a wife in Vietnam.

Vietnamese woman and Western man
Vietnamese woman and Western man

He seems to be a nice guy. He is tall and cool. He said he was not looking for a mistress in Vietnam because he divorced a few years ago. He had two grown children in California. By the way he talked to me, I think he is a good gentleman. I told him I didn’t run a marriage broker but I’ve been running a Vietnamese dating site that I could help him connect to a right lady. There are thousands of Vietnamese immigrants to the US, Canada or Australia use this online dating service to find new friends, pen pals, love and a relationship.

He was happy about that. He asked me how to join and search for single women on this website. After hearing me list the steps to join and search, he posted a personal profile and uploaded some of his recent photos right away from the Airport. Manz, he was quick and really need a Vietnamese girlfriend.

When we were on the airplane, we were sitting next to each other after switching with two passengers. We chatted about Vietnam culture, society, religion and certainly, Vietnamese ladies. After about 7 hours passed by we arrived at Tan Son Nhat’s Airport, we were waiting outside for a taxi driver. He checked his profile that signed up seven hours ago, he was joyful by receiving a few messages from single ladies who live in Saigon and Ha Noi of Vietnam. We exchanged our Viber numbers and said good-bye.

After two weeks, he called me and we met at a bar in District 1, Ho Chi Minh city. He told me he has been chatting with two Vietnamese women in this city and he was thinking about choosing the best one. He asked for my advice to help him select the best woman amongst the two he’s chatting now. I told him “You must see her in person and meet her family, both of them, then choose the one who perfectly matches you. He also asked me about how to get points when meeting their family. This is a long answer so I kept talking with details below because it relates to Vietnamese culture and traditional custom values.

You Met a Vietnamese Woman, It Is Time To Meet Her Family

There are thousands of men in the West who have been scammed or being scammed by women in Vietnam, especially Vietnamese Americans, Australians, Canadians and so on. They are scammed by several situations and ways.

Some guys told me that they were scammed by Vietnamese women who kept digging the money after they met each other and/or they came to the new country. Others said that these ladies filed divorce after they get a green card in the new country. And, there are many other ways.

What’s going on here, guys?

I personally blame on both Vietnamese women and men in the West too. However, the ratio of men who are scammed is so rare compared to the successful couples. Every year, there are more than 5,000 marriage visas of Vietnamese wives come to Western countries. Within this 5,000 women, I think there are less than 500 (or 10 percent) of men being scammed. Here are some reasons behind this.

Older man younger women marriages

If you are a 58-year old man who married a 25-year old girl, then this is a fool. I guarantee you will be scammed by her soon or later, either by digging your money or leave you for another man. 33 years older is a big difference. This happens a lot lately. Old buffalos prefer to eat “baby” grass. However, to get a serious and long term wife, you must find a compatible one.

Tell untrue things

Many overseas men lied about their background, career, education and so on. That’s right. Vietnamese women complained about what their husbands told them before marriage and what they see and know today. Some men don’t tell the truth about themselves with their wife. When these Vietnamese ladies come to the West, they are disappointed.

So, I hope this short article bring up some points for both Vietnamese women and overseas men. Being honest is the best policy. To avoid being scammed by others, you must not scam others first.
There are more than 5,000 successful marriages about Vietnamese women with overseas men every year. They either met each other through friends and family’s introduction or by the internet Vietnamese dating sites. Why are you being scammed?

The dating scene with Vietnamese girls is different from what you expect. Trust me on this. Whether you met her at club, social parks, markets or even at online dating sites, you have to learn some tricks when meeting her family. You know what? It is extremely important that you know these tips before you meet them. It does not matter you are an Asian, Hispanic, Black or White man, dating Vietnamese women is different from your own race. You have to learn these tricks.

Do homework before you meet her family

Her Parents Make You Eat Some Food With Fish Sauce

If you have never tried fish sauce then you will throw up immediately. Some Vietnamese popular food is spring roll, egg roll, fried noodle, sour soup, you must eat dip them with fish sauce. Anyway, I am not trying to scare you. Learning how to do it is a first step to meet her parents.

Her Parents Ask You What Your Plan Is About Marrying Her

You will be embarrassed about this question. Yes, you will. Don’t say things like “You don’t have to worry about this. This is between her and I”. This is the stupid answer so don’t ever say that. Vietnamese parents usually worry about their parents in detailed so they may interfere in detailed about that topic too.

It does not matter how long she lives in the West like US or Canada, she is submissive. I don’t care what you think about submissive Vietnamese ladies. If you are dating her, then accept it the way it is. Her father may ask you about your wedding plan with his daughter. As you know that Vietnamese women don’t talk about that with their boyfriends. You, the man, have to open it up.

Generally speaking, you must be rated high from her parents. Well, that’s a good thing to make her parents and her siblings like you. You don’t have to show off your rich materials to her family. Don’t do that. Be the man, the good man for her and prove that to her family.

After he met their family, he married one woman who matches him perfectly.

I wish him luck!

Reviews of Top 6 Popular Vietnamese Dating Sites in 2020

Meeting the perfect like minded singles online, people need to dig time to review the best and effective dating website. Nowadays, the dating game has changed that people can search and then meet their special someone without leaving their home. This is the ideal way for shy or busy single women or men to use online dating. It works and generates thousands or even millions of relationships every year. Facebook also developed the online dating for singles find friends, pen pals, relationship and romance. If you’re interested in finding Vietnamese singles, then you should continued reading this article for the top 5 popular Vietnamese dating sites in 2020.

The benefits of using Vietnam dating websites and apps are the ease and convenience. All of the Vietnamese online dating services and apps below have connected many relationships and marriages so far. Not only for specific Vietnamese women and men but also for foreign men and women in Viet Nam. Another benefit is so much choices such as age range and backgrounds, to select the best single person to contact with. These dating websites below charge membership fee so you can pick the one you are comfortable with. I personally don’t recommend using free Vietnamese dating sites because you will get many messages from scams or un-serious singles.So, here are reviews of 5 niche dating websites for Vietnamese singles.

VietnamCupid is run by Cupid Media, a non-Vietnamese company which specializes in Vietnamese dating niche. It is one of the largest Vietnamese dating sites for single women looking for men and vice versa. Also, Vietnam Cupid also specializes in foreign men seeking Vietnamese women for relationship and marriage. Most of single women in this website are looking for Caucasian guys such as Australian, American and so on.

VietnamCupid has probably 800 thousands members from Viet Nam, Asia and all over the world. These single guys and ladies are looking for meeting and dating Asian singles, mostly Vietnamese. Most guys are foreign men looking for women in Vietnam because they love the culture.

You can join by signing a profile at Vietnam Cupid for free. When you contact sending someone a message, you must pay a membership fee. You can send and receive messages between paid members. Regular members can send other’s a message which will blur out so other’s must upgrade to membership to see that message.

Number of women: 35%
Number of men: 65%

Monthly membership: $31.98 / month

Customer service: via message

A Dating Net is the Vietnamese and personals site that runs by a Vietnamese-speaking team who lives in the United States of America. It connects thousands of Vietnamese singles with their special someone, especially those who live in America, Canada, Australia and Vietnam. If you’re looking for a positive Vietnamese dating experience, it is the right website for you.

Adatingnet is not only specific to Vietnamese singles and personals but it is also open to foreign men who are interested in single Vietnamese women who live in the West and those who live in Viet Nam. The team is Vietnamese people so they understand about women and men deeply.

They have thousands of Vietnamese single women and men profiles so you can select the perfect Vietnamese match based on search criteria, age range and backgrounds. There are many successful love stories from this Vietnam dating site.

Number of women: 65%
Number of men: 35%

Monthly membership: $4.95 / month

Customer service: via phone & message

Sign up at now!

It is a popular dating website which specializes American singles and international singles as well including people from Asia and Vietnam.

Monthly membership: $35.99 / month

Customer service: via message

Vietnamese Love is a dating website that has single women and men from all over Vietnam from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh! They are focused on the niche dating site that helps Western guys who plan to move and live in Viet Nam to find Vietnamese ladies.

Signup is free and it takes a few minutes.

Number of women: 50%
Number of men: 50%

Customer service: via message, email

Date in Asia is mostly an Asian dating site that connect Asian single women with foreign men. Of course, Vietnamese women are mongst this group as well who look for Western men for marriage. This dating website has about 60,000 members who are looking for friendship, pen pals, love and marriage as well. They track false members by require the phone and email address during the registration steps.

This is focused on Asian singles and many of them are from Viet Nam. Singles can use basic or advanced search to browse specific single women or men they are interested in. Date in Asia allows people to create free profiles and you won’t be required to enter your credit card information by sending messages to others.

Vietsingle is an online dating site that provides services to help Vietnamese singles meet for love, relationship and marriage. We just want to connect you with your life partner. There are thousands of Viet singles waiting to meet you here.

All you need is to sign up a personal ad (profile) and start searching for someone. Many single Vietnamese women and men have found their second half through this Vietnam dating website. Don’t wait any longer but take action to meet that special someone today.

Join Vietnamese dating now!

So what do you think which one is the best Vietnamese dating sites? You should try the one you think that you can find a perfect matchmaking life partner. There are also other Vietnam dating services you can look into such as Plentyoffish (POF),,,,

Anyway, Vietnamese women are the most stunning and charming women in Asia.

Good luck and have a good day!

It Is Hard For Single Vietnamese Men Find A Decent Wife In The US

Vietnamese men have a hard time to find a decent wife in the United States of America or in other Western countries. One of the main reasons is that Vietnamese men outnumber women in these Western nations. Even though Vietnamese men who have high education and good career, many of them are still single. It is hard to find the girl that he wishes or dreams to have. Some of them have to choose a wife who is not on educated. I have some male friends who work as a software engineers, their wives are nail technicians. Are they happy? I think they are not but they have to live. Unless they come back to Viet Nam and marry a girl there, which they don’t want to.

Vietnamese bride and groom

Vietnamese bride and groom

Well, they can find a Vietnamese wife who have the same educated level as theirs, but the physical appearance is under average. Oh, man, to balance between the education and the look, some of them must pick the wives who work in the nail shops. For those Vietnamese guys who don’t have a degree, it is too hard to find a Viet wife in America, Canada, Australia and others. As you know, the Vietnamese men outnumber women so these ladies are proud of themselves. They dream of marrying a high-level educated man, even though they are not high educated. Generally speaking, if a Vietnamese girl who has a good outlook, she can get married with an educated man.

Also, thousands of single Vietnamese guys go back to Vietnam to find a decent wife. Usually, a man with good degree and career rarely do that. He’d rather pick a nail technician girl than go to Vietnam to get married with a high-degree girl. He has a chance to marry a pretty girl in the US. So, that’s the reason many Vietnamese men are single in late 30s.

Once you are still in college, try to find a Vietnamese girlfriend. Don’t wait until you graduate, it is late. It is too hard to have that chance after you work in an office. There are some Vietnamese students in school you can flirt with. Don’t wait or you are late.

Why do men like to get married in Vietnam? What are the reasons why overseas Vietnamese want to return to their hometown to find common ideas?

Before deciding to leave the single life to get married, many Viet Kieu living in the US thought that they should go back to their hometown to get married? There are a lot of men in their 40s but still can’t find a girl to marry in America. Being busy doing business and making a living in a foreign land makes it difficult for many overseas Vietnamese to find a lover to marry. There are many overseas men carrying suitcases to Vietnam to get married.

Many women also like to marry overseas Vietnamese because they think that they will “get rich”, change their lives, go to the US to live happily, but is that true? is not?

Many of you want to go back to Vietnam to get married because in the US it is simply difficult to get married, basically.

Most men go back to Vietnam to get married because we do not have time to have dating, mainly to ask a “matchmaker” to introduce.  As for those who come to the US to work as a worker, a restaurant or a manicure, it is very easy to “deactivate” because they are busy with their lives, busy making money, working, and wages are not high. then try to ask women in America do they pay attention to them or not?

Then, you use the “label” of Viet Kieu to go back to the country to find a wife, find a lover, capture the thoughts of many women that marrying Viet Kieu will change their lives. Vietnamese girls, especially those in the countryside, always have simple thoughts that when they go to America, they can change their lives, can earn a lot of money, help their families .

Many men, when taking their wives to the US for the first time, did not dare to let their wives know much, did not even let their wives go out, did not let them drive or go to school because they were afraid that they would “become disillusioned”, “the needle in a long wrap the day will come ”. My wife knows the truth, becomes bored, life is difficult, unlike what I thought it became a broken marriage. Many people say that bringing a wife to America is to bring a wife to someone else. It is also true because women want to have a happy life, at first you draw a beautiful perspective, but in the end, the life is poor, difficult, the woman is bored and will have to find someone. other qualifying for yourself.

Woman in Vietnam

I suggest that Vietnamese women in Viet Nam to study carefully before getting married, and what is wrong with men? Do not hide it, just frankly say that there I also live hard there, not rich. If you can accept it, if you love me, you will both try hard. This will quickly make money and get rich quickly, and life will be stable if both of them try hard together.

There are many people who cannot get married in America because they cannot afford: The man is nearly 50, living in America with his mother. “I work the night shift, when I go home in the morning I just sleep, I don’t have many friends to play with, I also have little contact with anyone.”

“I came to America when I was an adult, so I had to work like a buffalo with a low salary, so I can’t marry a Vietnamese wife here.”

Why are Vietnamese Guys Scared When Dating White Girls? 

Vietnamese guys like white girls, are you sure? You know what? White girls are beautiful, sexy and appealing. Who don’t like them? If you say that you don’t like them, you are a big liar. Generally speaking, Vietnamese men have been in a dilemma so they lack of confidence in the dating game with single girls outside of their ethnic group such as white, black, Hispanic, etc.

Viet Kieu

So, there are some Vietnamese dating sites that you can meet women and men. However, you are coming to the right track. This article will help you succeed in dating a Caucasian lady in the United States of America (USA). Unique technique is the high priority you need to have. Be confident! Be proud of yourself. It does not matter what your specialized skills are, you must be strong when flirting with a white girl.

Don’t get nervous around white ladies! Don’t put yourself down. This is the big problem for most Vietnamese single guys. You should admit yourself that you can date her and be her boyfriend. Do you understand it? You can build your confidence by some easy steps. Talk to everyone outside of your race. This is very important. Talk to whoever in your neighborhood. Don’t just sit at home and play video games all day long. Be active and be social. Working out a little bit to gain some muscles.

Be confident! Go out there and say: “Hi, how’re you doing?” Do not get embarrassed in front of white girls.

Practice these skills for a few months, you have no problem in dating white girl. Yes, you can do it.

Get Married With Oversea Vietnamese Husbands: Happy Or Sorrows

For the girl by chance or fate is familiar and married overseas Vietnamese or alien, and foreign then guaranteed husband to dignity, in the eyes of people living in Vietnam, look at family of the girl with a jealous look, the desire for “marry Viet Kieu”, “families will be remembered.” As for the bride, it is a pride, and weave how dream will live affluence, can “cash cow” in a country where people are said to be “paradise”. Many Vietnamese single women are trying to get Viet Kieu dating but it is not as simple as they think.

Viet Kieu MyAlso depend on the purpose of getting married overseas Vietnamese of every American is to have the opportunity to “sacrifice their lives” to help parents and brother in Vietnam, or there are people who really want to live and cultivate lift happiness our little family. However, for any purpose, too, when the legs and face of American life, there will be many things occur in life that mostly revolves around money.

The bride after reunited with her husband and began to face American life, the first feeling so down. Knowing that life everywhere has to make a new food, but in America the basic needs of life too. Open your eyes as bills, electricity, water, markets, milk for children, car and health insurance for each member of the family, if any, home insurance, annual land tax, then the damage to repair, and then gifts the wife husband family holidays. Life in Vietnam only to eat, wear, furnaces (if sharing her husband’s family, not have to worry much about this), and some where the coverage necessary to buy.

Life in American society where the idea is very simple but turned out to be “great”. First, driving, traffic rules to the street, where they sell something. The machinery in use was, to go to school for a few rudimentary English sentences American grocery talking to people, and then go astray to ask how … Want to ask how that was impossible, English not fluent, no expertise, no experience in the United States, the title is the only star that far too. Natural tiny brides find themselves in all aspects of knowledge and culture, just because I lost one of the “voices” (English). I was like a new born baby does not know anything about life, everything from the smallest in this life is to learn.

Want to quickly integrate real life to come to knit for her husband and who have “invisible” but you know what to do now? Me go to the markets of Vietnam to assist, please go to some restaurant washing dishes, or luck cleaning house cleaning bath room … to do things that were previously in Vietnam, I never thought of. Many people in Vietnam are working status, saying that “shouting fire”, or the rich lady who lives in velvet maid, comfortable spending money, want to buy a shirt to buy even spend in effect, poisons, want to buy a pair of shoes, jewelry, wallet not hesitate much. These people naturally to the U.S. position is lowered dramatically, want to buy a shirt have to wait until one sale off (discount) that have reduced several times dare buy. Thought life turned upside down, and they dare to accept their status and circumstances to go wash the dishes, clean the working limbs, and required to spend money to spend on glass?

And suddenly frightened when he saw the U.S. economic downturn, many people are unemployed, and did not know when new jobs. In Vietnam, there “sa hole transport” I cook a pot of sticky rice, bread or pushing a car or petty trading in the market for something to survive, and in the U.S. This is not trading style be.

Many expenses are required to have in American life, which is her husband, because his new wife to the United States do not know anything about American life, it takes time to settle in, if that child is wife to the kids and the burden fell on the husband. Therefore the husband should thoroughly calculate the money (because it can not joke with American life), because of the fixed salary expenses arising out of many, and to save a little room itself being unemployed What will happen to the wife and children. Knowing that there are government subsidies, but only for a while, and it is only temporary subsidies to survive, but about the future, homes are at risk the bank last, must have money to hold to time or time range.

Of course for those who live to create happiness for my little family, they agreed to do the manual work, to remove pride ourselves falling over themselves to life from the lowest employment normally. Because after all, where there’s nothing to be ashamed of, his level to where I work at a school and then slowly striving for life “up country”, occupation also honest, I did not do job Where illegal to be ashamed of. Long after work to go home for my family, my wife and children are food, shelter, economic burden sharing with her husband contract or it is happiness, and believes that “the wife the husband of the South China Sea also need “.

Besides so down about life in American society, there is the bride so down about her husband. There are a number of overseas Vietnamese in Vietnam “Explosion” equally, she went shopping, travel, as artist impressions should spend money like water (but where one understands that money when they want it in the U.S.). “Explosion” is an engineer, have the status, high-paying jobs in the U.S., America is paradise. For this reason the girls in Vietnam as misconceptions about heaven in the United States. When the bride entered the United States then turned back, paradise dream shattered. I have seen many brides “suck up on a sweet” and dared not confide to anyone, because to come My husband does not see that the place is a rented room is separated from the parking garage of the owner , where engineers do not know but just know that my husband is mowing the lawn, wealth, wealth also did not see that one in the bank debt.

Here I want to emphasize the sincerity of love and marriage. I have no opinion is contemptible, the status of high or low, rich or poor. But precisely because the artist impressions and the “explosion” of this guy overseas Vietnamese contributed to the collapse of happiness. You’re afraid to tell the true circumstances of his life in America, the girl will give up I did not dare take because of their poverty? You want to choose a tender wives, “party chief virtue” but you choose the girls living pragmatic way. Since you are so “broke” so the girls will love you girls live gratitude because they are not taken seriously rich and poor, where is heaven, sometimes the “explosion” of you makes them uncomfortable and not for you.

I have a friend, through a matchmaker she in Vietnam. He considered eyes and try her heart, very simple my friend. He proved to be a very generous For “sop”, leading the girl to eat in restaurants, leading into the shop selling expensive brands. But once my friends, because this girl straight from the bud is no luxury of eating places, like on popular place, is that expensive brands are not normal for people who like her. In the time we are together and after getting married wait paperwork guarantee she never ask for or mention smart as you must send money for me or my family with what Bay.

And I also have another friend, also through matchmaking familiar with the Vietnamese girl. He is, when his familiar frankly just workers, living wage, to be frugal, do not have much money, short, straight talk and honest circumstances. So you have two girls scare poor declined because he or she also pretended to accept to get to the U.S. (but you know). After this her 5th are who he wants to marry.

Then the bride was gradually awakened to the “golden dream” and to adapt gradually to the pressure of American life. Take the time to go to work, make money no matter what profession as long as honesty, to or low, must be done, to nurture his family. And she still did not wake dreams, adultery, and look forward to his socks off, but in that in America no one to receive a stable job, no education and more crime her husband, they are not stupid pick a “debt”.

And also you get wealthier husband, “food to” a little, or until “fully fledged” the suitability enjoy, familiar Joneses, the pragmatic lifestyle turned for and instinctively they began “flipping loose” with her husband split their sweet share bùi with. The chorus divorce, division of assets and the husband away almost empty-handed and her husband have to sing the song “I was wrong to put you into this.” And these girls sometimes fall into the trap of the hunting of man hunting girls married off, seducing they divorced and together enjoy a fortune, but when the money runs out the melt.

There is a walk you see each other that overseas Vietnamese back to Vietnam to travel to the countryside, but for his wife, because gentle country girl, the daughter of Saigon relaxed, pragmatic. But I think that place has good bad guys. When used overseas Vietnamese guy to get to know (through relatives, or there are ways to “explore” his friend) he get for love or money, or is “dream America”, is the main the groom knows best, and if the groom overseas Vietnamese as “explosive”, there will be time to sing, “I was wrong to put you into this.”

As brides choose to America to “sacrifice their lives” for my family, as you earn money in America and you “try” or “we” all for her family in Vietnam, the husband you will also “manually” with you. Couple living together is like a “pie-pay”, then at some point you will realize that living in this world not because of the food and there is a spirit and happiness. When you live to take advantage and bring happiness to others, how can you ask others to bring happiness to you. There are many Viet Kieu singles but it is not easy to find the right one.

I did not attack or oppose your signaling or helping his parents in Vietnam, but you are married, there must be mutual respect, assist in their ability or if there is more than his ability is also discussed with her husband. Because when you only thought is “married to an American to go is with the aim to help the family” that you intend to live taking advantage of someone else, if you want to help your case in Vietnam work and signaling also help parents be?

The word happy is I think, comes from the heart and his reason. Whether you live anywhere, any land in the world, who you are, rich or poor, the value of the phrase “happy family”, have the same value and form. Final paradise in the heart of each of us.

So, getting married with Viet Kieu My is bad or good? What do you think?

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