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Vietnamese Women and Vietnam Girls

Vietnamese women are picky. Compare with Western girls, they are not as easy come and easy go. If you look at the Vietnamese dating scene, then you know how exactly your have in the mindset. Vietnamese girls have very traditional mindset. It is an old way that people in Vietnam have in society. They were born with it, so they keep it. So, Vietnamese women for marriage are too picky. It is too hard to get a Viet girl on bed before marriage. I am speaking of good girls. As you know, the harder you get is the more quality she is. So, you know what I am saying.

Vietnam girlsWhether Vietnamese women who have been in the West for a long time, many of them were even born here, they still keep their traditional custom. Some Vietnam women followed the Western culture and live as girls in the West and the rest of them still keep their traditional family custom. They consider marriage as the utmost thing in their life. No matter what, they try to stick with their marriage. The good thing is that there are rarely such domestic violence in the family like in Vietnam so women feel safer. They are still worried about other things like fiance, future, etc.

Women in Vietnam are different. They are haunted by the domestic violence between their brother and sister's family. So, when they grow up and about to get married. They can smell insecurity and a lack of confidence about the husband. They believe that their husbands will betray and see someone else after a time of marriage. So, it is too hard to convince these girls in Vietnam that their marriage is not such haunted things.

Anyway, Vietnam women in the West or in Vietnam are very faithful in terms of marriage. They are the mother role of the children and the excellent housekeepers in the family, beside their appealing physical beauty.