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Ngày đăng 10/19/2014

Thông tin cá nhân
Giới tính:
Con gai
Muốn tìm:
Con trai
Quốc gia:
United States
Tiễu bang:
New York
Thành phố (tĩnh):
new york city
Số vùng:
Câu mỡ đầu:
let love lead
Nội Dung:
I am emotional ,very young girl for my age and have no plans on growing old gracefully. I am very active, I enjoy boating, fishing, rollerblading, snow-skiing, traveling, candlelight dinners on the beach, good food, fine wine, Broadway plays and family. I have traveled around the world and had some exciting adventures. I am honest.I try to surround myself with positive personalities and intellectuals and there is nothing I enjoy more than being with my family.Although I enjoy spontaneity and love surprises and i am understanding and open to all topics.I appreciate simple things that mean a lot. I am comfortable in my own skin and I like to be with others who are comfortable in theirs.I like real people who are honest and fun. I am very reserved and fun.I am one of the good girl in this world and you should love that! I also have a off the dial personality it's the thing I am always remembered for. Easy going and easy to get along with.I do not sweat the little things in life. I have a funny and happy personality, and a great sense of humor. honest and loving and a soft touch ( and humble too lol) I love traveling and shopping and giving my best to others.I am too extrovert and very funny.
Ngoại ngữ:
Tieng Anh
Cần tìm:
Mối quan hệ
Ngoại hình
Hình dáng:
Trung Bình
Chiều cao:
4' 9"
Lối sống
Hút Thuốc:
Uống Rượu:
Hoàn cãnh:
Sống 1 mình
Xã hội:
Đới sống vui vẻ
Xem phim:
Channel Hopper, Couch Potato
Gia đình
Hôn nhân:
Xin cho biết
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