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Ngày đăng 12/15/2007

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Con gai
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Con trai
Quốc gia:
United States
Thành phố (tĩnh):
sleepy Illinois
Nội Dung:
I am 19 years old from a sleepy town in Illinois. I am in the most exciting turning point of my life...turning 20. Turning 20 to me means turning a new leaf. I'm open to new and liberating possibilities right now. I would like to get into dual sports (like tennis) to know my activity partner better. On a lazy afternoon a good book will be a good company. I love to sun-bathe in the nude during summers. Of course, the list could go on with the right guy. On lazy afternoons, I love to read a good book. On a very boring day, I'd watch TV. After a tiring day at work, I'd hang out with friends in bars or maybe an afternoon shopping. I also love to go the theater occassionally, or visit museums.I also love to prepare easy-to-do desserts on weekends. My Ideal Partner is a guy who is patient enough to teach me the finer and more stimulating things in life is what I am looking for right now. Rest assured I'm a fast learner who is willing to get out of my cocoon of inhibitions. Physical attributes is negotiable if a guy would just treat me real nice (naughty will be more appreciated) and proper. A plus, will be a guy who is so confident as to do some crazy things with me like dancing under the rain.
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Tieng Anh
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